Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The difference between bacon and Pork Belly

I found a new place to buy all of our family’s meat.  It is called Pike valley farm.   They have all grass fed beef and truly free range chicken and pork. 


We picked up our first order yesterday and I am so excited to start cooking healthier meat for our family.  While it is a tad more expensive, it is so worth it to know that my family will no longer be eating antibiotics, hormones and whatever else it is that store bought meat has in it. 

While I was looking at their pricing, I noticed Pork Belly on the list.  At first I thought, “Ew, gross”.  But then I realized I have no idea what it is.  Do you? 


Bacon actually comes from the belly of the pig.  It is then soaked in either brine or salt to give it that yummy flavor I know and Love. 

Of course, the Canadians have their own bacon that is actually from the pork loin part of the pig.   Something funny I learned is that the United States is one of the only countries that get their bacon from the pork belly.  Sounds gross, but oh, it tastes so good.    Most bacon from other countries comes from side and back cuts of pork.  image

Now, pork belly, is really just uncooked, uncured bacon. See, it looks just like what you get in the store.  I think I would have to cut the thick stuff off the top, but still looks good to me. 

So, I’m thinking that maybe I should try the pork belly next time I get our meat from the co-op.  I always tell my kids they should try something before they decide if they like it or not and I should do the same.

Happy homeschooling.

Oh yeah, if you live around me, feel free to check out the farm’s pricing list and you can order next month when we get our farm fresh meat.  You will not be disappointed.  The family is super nice and I love knowing where my food comes from.

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