Monday, December 30, 2013

Udderly Smooth Cream -

Winter is always hard on my skin.   It’s like an alligator most of the time.  I try all kinds of lotions and creams to keep my skin from itching. 

I was given the opportunity to review Udderly Smooth Body Cream.  I received a package of goodies from the company.   Foot  cream, hand cream and body cream were included.  I was really excited thinking my skin is going to be super smooth and hydrated. 


Udderly 2

Here is what I received with retail prices in parentheses:
- a 4 of hand cream ($2.75)
- a 2 oz. tube of hand cream ($1.75)
- a 12 oz. jar of body cream ($5.75)
- an 8 oz. jar of shea butter foot cream ($6.50)
- sample packets (and a coupon!)

Udderly Smooth is a product which is made in the USA and has been for over 30 years.  It is good for cracked, dry skin.  You can use it as a moisturizer on your entire body including your face.  

It was invented by a pharmacist and originally made for use on cows. 

First I tried the tube of hand cream.  It felt pretty good.  The lotion is not greasy at all but it also doesn’t smell that great.   Personally I like scented lotions but I now a lot of people do not so this isn’t really that big of a deal.

The second thing I opened was the jar of body cream.  This is where things got a little weird.  Okay, a lot weird.  LOL

I thought there was mold in the jar.

Udderly 3

Mold doesn’t really bother me that much.  I was just going to scoop it out and try it.  Upon closer look I Bellarealized the mold had a tail.  Yep, a tail.  Obviously it wasn’t mold.  It did look like it had udders which was appropriate for the cream.   My daughter decided to have a closer look.   She showed me wings which were pretty cool.  I honestly have no idea what this was.  We poked it and my niece even touched it, lol.  She said it was squishy but firm.    I zoomed in on the picture and posted it on my facebook page to see what people thought it was without mentioning where I found it.  First response told me to clean out my refrigerator, lol.   The general consensus was that it is a tiny baby bat.  My thoughts are that when this was being made it landed in the jar before the lid was put on.  I’m sure this happens often but I have never been blessed enough to be on the receiving end of such a present.  Okay that was a joke.   Needless to say, I didn’t use this jar.  As time has passed more mold has has grown on the poor little thing and he has turned completely white.  It has turned into quite the science experiment. 

The rest of the products worked well.  Bella rubbed my feet with the foot cream and it was heavenly. 

If you would like a coupon you can visit the Udderly Smooth Facebook page $1 off any two  products!  I doubt you’ll get an animal friend in yours but you will get some really nice lotion.   You can buy it at Walmart and other major retailer stores. 

You can read the rest of the reviews of my fellow friends on the  Mosaic Reviews page

Thanks to Mosaics Reviews and Udderly Smooth for this review opportunity.  It was quite fun Winking smile 


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