Monday, January 6, 2014

Baby it’s cold outside

Living in Ohio gives us the opportunity to see some freaky weather.   Yesterday it was 48 degrees.   Today the weather app says it is –4 with a wind chill factor of –28 degrees.   Now that is some cold temperatures.

Last night I decided to start forecasting the weather on Facebook.  It has been a huge success.  I am right 100% of the time.  How can I do that when even the best meteorologists can’t even come close ?  It’s easy.  I just look out the window and give up to date, right this minute, weather. 

Right now, as it was this morning, it is cold.   How cold?  Who know’s?  Honestly, I don’t care.  It is so frickin cold I don’t want to go out and find out how cold it is. 

But, being the amazing homeschooling mama I am (besides the fact that we don’t do snow or cold days) we went outside to do an experiment.

Thank you, Amy for giving us the experiment idea.   Will a bubble freeze in this cold weather?

We had no bubbles so first we had to make them.   Easy enough with water and Dawn dish soap.  Bella informed me that warm water freezes faster than cold so we used that.

We also had no bubble wand.  No problem.  We used my fancy little whisk that I have no other use for.  I think it actually is an egg separator?

We spent about 5 minutes outside on the porch.  No coats which probably wasn’t a great idea but honestly I wasn’t too cold.  Bella was shaking so I’m guessing she was.  Griffin put on coat, gloves, hat with face covered, boots and all the other normal clothes.  He said he was going in the woods.  He wanted no part of our experiment.


We blew the bubbles and waited.  It was kind of windy so most of them busted before we could catch them on the bubble want/egg separator.

They didn’t freeze.  At all.   They spun around a little.

Bella then decided we could just leave them out and see if they freeze.  

We put it in a flower pot and they turned into a thin sheet of ice.  Bella touched it and it was kind of like saran wrap.   Then it broke.

So, maybe if you have good bubbles and not homemade ones this would work better.   I wasn’t too impressed with the results but we can now say we have played with bubbles when it below zero outside.   

Check out my weather reports on Facebook, well if you’re my friend.  If not, I guess you’ll just hafto either look out of your own window or watch the news.  I apologize that I can’t allow everyone the enjoyment of my friends and my senses of humor but there are freaks out there, as I’m sure you well know.

Happy Homeschooling and Stay Warm.


whit said...

Ahhh, sigh. I miss homeschooling. Thanks for your blog. I can picture my kids doing the same things. It's invaluable what you're doing WITH them and FOR them. Keep it up, dear one.

Oh -- and I'm so glad I get to enjoy your humor, and am not considered a "freak" but a friend. Smile.


Loving learning at Home said...

You definitely are a friend, Cindy. I love you dear girl. Thanks for commenting. .


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