Saturday, February 15, 2014

Cake in a Cup

My kids love snacks.   Especially chocolate.  They get that from  me.  Winking smile 

And they feel the need to eat every day?  What is up with that?   I thought as they got older it would get easier because they would want to fix their own food.  

Nah. They like me to do pretty much everything.

So, my mom has been telling me about this great “cake in a cup” that they make in the microwave at work.   I’ve heard her say it about a thousand times and thought, whatever.  It sounded silly. 

Well, my kids talked me into doing it.  And Mom handed me the cake mix and said “make this for your kids” so I just about had to.

It really is simple.

You take an Angel Food Cake mix and mix it with any other kind of cake mix.  The Angel Food mix is a must cuz it has eggs and milk and stuff in it which allows you to not need anything other than water to make it.



We used Devil’s Food cake mix along with the Angel Food.  I figured they would balance each other out.  You can keep the mix in anything you want to.  I put it in a gallon zip lock baggie because I have pretty much thrown away all of my plastic wear because I didn’t want to wash it.

The recipe after you mix the two cake mixes together is simply

3 – 2-  1


3- tablespoons of the mix

2- tablespoons of water

1 – minute in the microwave



Our mug was a little big so I’m gonna try to do it by doubling the recipe (all except the time cuz Mom said you only cook it one minute no matter what). 

It makes a very yummy, spongy, little cupcake.   It would be delicious with homemade buttercream icing but that would be too much work. 

The only thing I need to warn you about is make sure you tell the kids to rinse out the cup when they are finished.  I just unloaded 10 dirty coffee mugs from the dishwasher because it evidently doesn’t get the crusty cake mix off without rinsing.   (Yeah I said 10 cups.  These things are addictive, I guess.)

Happy Homeschooling and hope you enjoy.

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mysteryhistorymom said...

Sounds delicious and a recipe my girls would love to try! Great break during homeschooling- yum! Thanks for sharing!:) Lori


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