Monday, April 28, 2014

Who needs Chipotle?

My new favorite restaurant is Chipotle

Now let me specify that the first time I ate there I hated it.    I thought it tasted just like grass.  And I don’t like to eat grass.   My niece told me I just didn’t order the right thing.  So I gave it another chance.   I don’t think it was that I ordered the wrong thing, I think I just got a bite of something weird.   Now, I love it.   So, if you try it and think you might as well  be grazing with the little cows out in the pasture, give it another chance. 

I love that it is quick.  I love that everything is fresh and locally grown (as much as possible).   I love their guacamole and I have never liked it any other place.   I love their corn salsa (cept I have to pick out all of the onions (see below))

I get their chicken fajita bowel with a flour tortilla. 

Now, if you know me at all, you know I am a pretty picky eater.   Okay, I am a very picky eater. 

Meat is not my friend.  Because I have IBS, most meat makes me sick. (Onions do too!) Chicken is not one of them so I eat it most of the time.     But, I am also picky about my chicken.  I only eat white meat.   

And I never eat it if it looks funny.  Funny weird, not funny ha ha.    I also do not eat the gross slimy part of the tenderloin.  It is just gross.

So, when I buy chicken I pretty much throw 2/3 of it away.  

Well, Chipotle’s chicken is pretty okay but I have found several pieces of strange looking chicken so I usually pick it all out.

There are two things I do not like about Chipotle.

One is the closest one is almost 40 minutes from  me.   That’s pretty far for a fajita.

The second is it is kind of expensive.   

Now, instead of driving 40 minutes, picking out all of the things I don’t like, and spending lots of money, I  just make my own at home.  It also is better because neither one of the kids will eat with me when we eat out there.  They’re even pickier than me.

Making the fajita’s at home is super easy and not very expensive.  I used our garden produce for the corn and sweet potatoes.  I know, sweet potatoes don’t go in fajita’s but they were delicious and make up for no meat in them.

Here’s the way I make them.  I use GMO free and organic things as long as I can find them. 

Yummy Chicken Fajita’s (without the chicken Winking smile)

  2 small fingerling sweet potatoes

1 small onion (for some reason, onions out of my mom’s garden do not make me sick)

about 10 mushrooms

1 garlic toe (That makes me smile.  Did you know that is what one little thing off of a garlic clove is called?)

hand full of asparagus

black beans


sour cream

shredded cheddar cheese

You can use however much you want of each of the ingredients.  I guess you could even put chicken (or another meat) if you wanted to in them.   If you like something a lot, just use more of it.

I sautéed in the following order in olive oil:

sweet potatoes and onion together

add garlic



corn and mushrooms last

Once all of the ingredients are cooked to your likeness, I warm the tortilla up in the skillet, add everything then top with the cheese and a bite of sour cream.   YUM-O 


These are great with rice also but I was too lazy tonight to make it.

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