Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Random Thoughts 5/7/14

I never profess to know everything.  Heck, in fact, I never claim to “know” anything. 

I do, however, have some interesting thoughts every now and then.  I usually post them on Facebook.  But, since my blog is neglected a lot, I decided to start putting them here.  (And of course linking to it on FB).

Random Thoughts

1.  Hearing what sounds like gun shots in my back yard kinda scares me.  Upon further investigation, it is just my son and his friend shooting about 2000 rounds of paint balls.  At the chicken coop.

2.  I have homeschooled my children now for a total of almost 10 years.  I thought books were expensive for them. 

Can someone tell me how I can buy a complete science curriculum for a sophomore in high school for $170 (which includes everything you need for experiments, Teacher DVD, Ebook and 500 page workbook) and one biology book and the lab manual for college  $320?  Seriously?  No wonder people cannot afford college.  

3.    I believe that everyone deserves second chances.  I’m the best at giving second chances.  I do, however, have a problem with sex offenders.  I don’t believe they should ever be allowed around kids.  If I am somewhere with  my kids and a known offender (multiple offenses including more than one jail sentence) walks in, please don’t be offended because I walk out.  Even small towns have super creepy people.

4.  I really want something to eat.  But, I don’t want to cook. 

5.  Coffee makes me happy.  Chocolate makes me happy.  Chocolate flavored coffee is gross.  But, chocolate flavored creamer in my coffee makes me ecstatic.  

6.  As I have gotten old, I realize that my Mom and Dad really did know everything.  I can’t remember at what age I figured it out.  I’m hoping my kids “get it” a lot sooner than I did. 

Until next time. . . . . . ..  

God Bless

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