Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Power in Your Hands by Sharon Watson

Writing has always been a struggle in our little homeschool. 

My son hates to write anything.  And I mean anything.    As in he sometimes does his assignments orally because he doesn’t want to write the answers. 

So, when I was offered the chance to review a high school writing curriculum I was on board 100%. 

I met Sharon ( the creator of this curriculum) at our local homeschool conference this past spring.  We had heard about this review but wasn’t sure who would get which book and I honestly didn’t even know if I would be picked at all. 

Sharon was amazingly sweet and helpful.  She talked to my friend and I about each book and helped us understand the difference between the three she has available.   I love using curriculum that fellow homeschooling mom’s have written.  Sharon has been homeschooling her 3 children for years and she understands all of the good and the bad that goes along with it.   You can read everyone’s reviews on the different books at Home & School Mosaics



I was given The Power in Your Hands: Writing Nonfiction in High School.   I received the teacher’s guide and the Student’s Book.  It is meant to be used without the parent’s help.  That is a huge plus for me because I am going back to school and just started a new job.  I needed curriculum for the upcoming school year that allows Griffin to do it himself and then  I can check when I get home.    The Power in Your Hands works perfectly for that.   You can also have a  more input if you would like.    I do have to grade the papers but this is easy compared to other writing curriculums.

The cost is $14.98 for the Teacher’s manual and the Student Manual $39.98.   This is very reasonably priced for a curriculum that is intended to be used for two years.  I love that if you need to take it slower, it is okay to do so, also.  This means for less than $60 we have two high school years of writing. 

I have always liked writing.  So I never understood why my kids do not.    Griffin was quite hesitant when we started this because he thought it was going to be like every other time I’ve tried to have him write something.  Getting him to write even a paragraph was like the proverbial pulling teeth.   

Teaching the course is super easy too.  It shows exactly how to grade writing which can be a little confusing (especially if you have never done it).    The course starts at the very beginning and is perfect for even the most basic writing when you child has had none (which mine hasn’t). 

Griffin has finished the first few lessons and hasn’t complained too much.  I’m not going to act like he loves writing now.  I won’t even say he likes it.  But, we don’t cry now when I mention writing.  This is a win for us.  


8 1/2 x 11 soft cover books

Student Manual (420 + pages ) which costs $39.98

Teachers Manual (200+ pages) and costs $14.98 (honestly this is worth way more)

Designed for homeschools, co-0ps and Christian schools.

The student writes essays, biographies and more.  Sharon teaches from brainstorming ideas (my son needed twriting-fiction-in-high-school-coverhis a lot) all the way through proofreading. 

The teacher guide gives all the answers.  Plus so much more.   

Griffin says he likes that it is funny, and it allows him to be funny, too. 

jump-in-front-cover-231x300Sharon has written two other books that were reviewed.  Writing Fiction in High School and Jump In.   You can also view Sharon’s website.  

All in all, I really like this curriculum.  I like that Griffin doesn’t hate writing with this curriculum.  The teacher’s manual is great and the style of teaching is very student friendly.   Check out what our other reviewers have to say so you can see if this may be a fit for your family. 




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Sharon Watson said...

Hi, Lori! It's good to "see" you again and read how much you and Griffin like The Power in Your Hands. I hope he has many chances to write something funny! I'd love to read one of his humorous essays. Send me one, if you wish.

Good luck with your school and new job. Enjoy your summer "off"!


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