Monday, November 10, 2014

Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes–A Home and School Mosaics review

This review had me super excited.  Not necessarily for me, but for my niece who got married this past weekend.  The review date couldn’t have come at a better time.    I was asked to review Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes and give my opinion.   I love that this picture shows how long and beautiful her lashes looked.  IMG_8166

A brother and sister team founded Younique in 2012 because they wanted to uplift, empower and validate women all over.    This is company that allows women to have the opportunity for financial reward and personal growth.   All I really know is I got some really cool mascara and “fake lashes” to try.


All of Unique’s products have high quality ingredients and no unnecessary fillers.   This allows them to be compatible with almost every skin type.   No junk included.

The product was really simple to use.  It has three steps that are attained with two different products.  The first is a gel mascara.  It looks just like a really nice black mascara. IMG_5429

You use this just like mascara and put one coat of normal mascara on first.    Then you use the gel mascara after your regular mascara has dried completely.   Do not let the gel dry.

The next step is when  you use the lash fibers (which I called fake eyelashes).  Allie (my model) got a few in her eye but said they didn’t hurt.  They flaked off on her cheek but they did just wipe right off so it wasn’t a big deal.  This is because she put too much on at once.  (And I think the gel dried.)  
It was really cool because you could watch as her eyelashes got longer as she put multiple coats on.   If you want to get them longer, all you do is each step again.  She used it three times. 

Because it was her “special day” she liked the look.  Our best description came from my son who said, “Wow, your eyelashes look furry).  They did resemble spiders if you looked close but from a little distance they were IMG_5431beautiful.   She doesn’t like lower lashes so she didn’t use the fibers at all on her lower lashes, just the mascara.

The final look was just “Wow”.  I was surprised that there was such a difference.  I’m not going to get to try them because she swiped them and said I couldn’t have it back.   Her right eye has the fibers and the left is just one coat of her own mascara that she uses every day.  Of course she did both eyes for her final look at her wedding.  All of the other girls wanted to use it too but she wouldn’t share. Winking smile  



You can read what the other reviewers at Home and School  Mosaics had to say about this awesome product here.   You can have your own amazing lashes for only about $30.  I read that they last about 30 days (the tubes).      

You can find Younique at the following places.

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 8.01.00 AM

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