Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Girls Edwardian Apron Review


When you purchase patterns from the Edwardian period from Sense and Sensibility, you will enjoy making clothes that will take you back to an era of beautiful dresses and modest clothing. This pattern, the Girls’ Edwardian apron pattern, is for a very generously fitted apron that your little girl is sure to love. The criss-cross straps that tie in the back make sure it stays in place when playing. The side pockets are adorable and useful for keeping all of your treasures in; whether it be crickets from the pond or measuring spoons while helping in the kitchen. This reminds me of Little House on the Prairie and I love the clothes during that time period. 100_3553

The pattern comes in sizes 2-14 which are all included in one envelope. This is great because you only have to purchase it once and then have the pattern to make additional sizes later. At $12.95 this is a very reasonably priced pattern.

Another great way to get this pattern is the new epattern format. This allows you to have access to an instant download of the pattern in PDF format. There are many reasons to buy the ePattern instead of the printed pattern.

This is what Jennie has to say about it on her website.

* You get your pattern instantly. There is no wait for it to be shipped. So if you’re in a hurry or have a pressing project, you’ll have your pattern within a matter of minutes.
* You can never lose a pattern piece. If you misplace a sleeve, you can just print out a new one from your PDF.
* Because ePatterns are PDFs, they are scalable. You can tell Adobe Reader to print them to any percentage you like. If you want to scale an adult pattern down for a fashion doll, for instance, then you will print it at 1/8th scale (12.5%). [Do note that you cannot scale adult patterns down for little girls, as little girls are proportioned differently.]
* Because I don’t have to print or stock ePatterns, I can sell them at a dramatic discount, saving you money. Your purchase price covers the cost of my secure, encrypted server for the downloads and my special shopping cart service. Big savings!

You can get any e-pattern for only $7.95. This is a very large file (5.8 MB) so you will want make sure you have high speed internet for this option. Don’t forget you also have to print this yourself with this option.

I loved the fact that you can also get a live class to go along with the pattern. This is an audio class where Jennie explains step by step how to sew the apron. This goes along with the instructions and she even tells you what page in the instructions she is explaining. I actually listened to the audio instructions and used my laptop to see the printed ones while making this apron. I just stopped the audio after each explanation and started it again when I was finished sewing that step. This makes it seem like she is right in the room teaching just you. Although I had problems loading the audio on my computer that uses Vista I was able to get it to work by playing it through I-tunes.

There are also four live videos at the end of the class where she explains in greater detail the more difficult parts of the apron. They are binding the pocket, sewing the belt on, pressing the belt and how to topstictch. These were a great help. The class and ePattern are available for $24.95.

Although the website states that this is a “beginner" pattern, I felt that it was more difficult than that. She does mention that e-patterns are not for beginners due to the extensive amount of pieces (25). However, this is stated on the home page of her website, not on the pattern itself.

I recommend buying the bias binding to save time. She does have very detailed directions for making it but it is really a lot of work. The apron took me about 5 1/2 hours to make but was definitely worth the time. Bella loves it and has worn it constantly since we finished it. She wants a bonnet to match so she could be authentic to the time period. There are many dress patterns available on the website that would look great with this apron.


Visit Sense and Sensibility to purchase your own pattern for this apron. Be sure to visit her website here to see all that Sense and Sensibility has to offer. There are many eras to see and even doll clothes to match.


devildogwife said...

She looks so precious in her apron. :)

TOSHeidi said...

Adorable! You did a great job. I'm glad you shared pictures.

Debbie said...

Great Review.

Tracy said...

Great review and adorable apron!

Anonymous said...

I personally saw this and I loved it. I absolutely love the Little House on the Prairie stories and when I saw it on Bella I so thought of the Ingalls girls and their clothes. I hope to make one for my daughter, soon.

Thanks for sharing!

Debra said...

You did a great job with the apron! Beautiful photographs too! Thanks for sharing :)

Michelle said...

Very pretty - great job! :-)


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