Thursday, August 27, 2009

What wonderful plans for this upcoming school year

I was so excited when I went to the mailbox today. We received our annual excuse from public school. I always get so worked up filling out all the papers and making sure everything is "perfect". I know that homeschooling is what God is calling our family to do but I worry every year that the local school board won't agree. Even though they can't legally refuse us, it makes me feel so much better when that letter arrives. This year we have so many great plans. I want my son to learn more about computer programming with Web Design for Kids. I will be writing a review for this in the next day or so so look back for that. He is loving learning about this kind of stuff. He told me today that if he went to "real school" he wouldn't have time for that. What a blessing to hear that he appreciates being homeschooled. We have had a few problems lately with his friends hurting his feelings about him not going to school. Why is it that kids have to make others feel bad to make themselves feel better. I guess that it isn't only kids who are like that. I just keep telling him that it doesn't matter what others say, he is a very bright kid who is learning all that he needs to know. I tell him the best thing about learning at home is school never stops.

My daughter is in the first grade this year and is going to learn how to sew, continue with her reading, and do a Bible study with Grapevine along with many other activities and classes. Both of the kids are doing a live Art class that is available on CurrClick. They really enjoyed it this past week when they learned about the color wheel. You can see Griffin's in the picture here on the right.

What I love best about homeschooling is that we can let the kids pursue what they love. My daughter really enjoys gymnastics and dance. We are able to go to classes that public school children wouldn't be able to attend. She is taking gymnastics one day a week and is starting ballet and tap dance in a couple of weeks at a studio. When did my baby grow up? It seems like yesterday I was changing diapers.

I guess that is what really motivates me to continue this homeschooling journey. My children are growing up right before my eyes. I never want to look back and say that I missed their childhood. They are such precious gifts from God. They will only be mine for a short time and then I will have to let them go out on their own. Hopefully by teaching them at home, I will instill in them a love for God that goes beyond what this world throws at them. Only time will tell.


Bleu said...

What a great job on the color wheel!

We have the same issue in our neighborhood--the other kids often tell my kids, "You should go to public school." I feel fortunate that my kids don't have to do that.

Jennifer said...

I am sorry he is having some trouble with the neighborhood kids, but how wonderful that you are there to steer him through it. Unfortunately that is something everyone has to deal with right through adulthood.


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