Sunday, August 30, 2009

Workbox for Monday 9/1

We have officially started using Workboxes. I am anxiously awaiting to see if I get to review the book by Sue Patrick but until then I am forging ahead. No idea if I’m doing it right, but, this definitely is more organized than we have been so I’m loving it. This is a look at what we will be doing tomorrow. I was so excited to get these drawer organizers at Office Depot to use. They are perfect for our family even though there are only 10 drawers instead of 12. If I need more, I will just put two things in a couple of drawers.

100_4063 Griffin’s is the one on the left and Bella’s is on the right. She wanted her drawers all mixed up. I really wanted pink for her but they were out of that. 100_4064

Here is what we will do for tomorrow.


1. Autumn Lapbook – Journey through Learning

2. Right Start Math – Next lesson

3. Compound word Fun Maze

4. Frog Puppet Kit - this is like the bird in the picture that Bella made on Friday.

5. EDUDPS – lesson on nouns

6. Maps Workbook page – using a Grid


7. Hangman with the above game with spelling words and then spelling test using Sequential spelling. This is working great for us this year.

8. Worksheet on Planets and read Usbourne Earth and Science about this topic.

9. Practice in Cursive workbook.

10. Read Aloud - I am reading The Winter Room to the kids. We try to read at least a chapter every day.


1. 2 pages in her addition workbook – This is 10 problems total

2. Autumn Lapbook – both kids are doing this for Journey through Learning for me to review. We LOVE lapbooks.

3. Rocket Phonics lesson – this is another review product. Bella really likes the games.

4. Bella got a new apron from my grandma so we are going to read “The Apron” by Eric Carle.


5. Fun Thinkers – this is the above learning game. I got this at the homeschool conference last year. Both of the kids love this. She is doing the beginning sounds page.

6. Phonics game – using Leap Pad.

7. File Folder Game – practicing rhyming.

8. Silly rhymes game – putting together silly sentences.

9. Fashion Show Sticker Book – just for fun.

10. Handwriting without tears – 2 pages.

We are also learning a prefix/suffix each week with Roots and Fruits. That is on the whiteboard. Not sure how this is going to go. It seems a little hard to me.

Hopefully we will get all of this done. It seems doable until we get started but I am on a mission to do better. Hopefully it will rub off on the kids. ! . !

God Bless and happy homeschooling.



Sheri said...

I almost bought one of those carts-but JoAnn's was out (during their sale)-let me know how they hold up for ya.
Good luck on your workboxing adventure-it is such a nice ride!

FM Sheri

Kimberly Kovach said...

Love the hangman game. Where did you get it?

Loving learning at Home said...

I got it at the Homeschool Conference. I think it was from Rainbow Resource but not 100% positive.

Kimberly @ RaisingOlives said...

With all the review stuff that we are trying to fit in, work boxes would be perfect! However, I've been dragging my feet until I (hopefully) get the book to review. I was dragging my feet until I saw this post and can imagine how nicely it would work with the lapbook, Rocket Phonics, Nutrition 101, etc. etc. Now I have to think more about it.

Thanks for sparking my imagination.


Jennifer said...

Thanks for linking up to my workbox post. I hope you'll join us weekly! I have not been to your site before, but I will be bookmarking it! :)


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