Friday, November 6, 2009

Up for a Challenge?

Thanks to my fellow crew mate Michelle for this great meme idea.  Every week she is going to be giving a challenge to try.  This is going to be a great addition to our workboxes.  Were you in Destination Imagination (DI) or as I remember it called, “Olympics of the Mind”?  Well this is taken from their instant challenge ideas.  You can join in on the fun by visiting her blog.  We will be taking the challenge and letting you see how it goes.   The ideas are from Delightful Learning and include every day household items.


This week our challenge was titled Bridge Builder.  We were supposed to build a bridge between two 8 inch squares that were 6 inches apart.  We had 52 cards (we used index) and a pair of scissors.  The time limit was 5 minutes to build the bridge and then 2 minutes to add weights.   Well, we did it but not in the allowed time and we used legos for weights instead of nails.  We were pretty sure it wouldn’t hold up to the nails and Bella was already getting upset so we didn’t want to push it.  Daddy helped with the challenge but Bella came up with the idea for the center.  What a creative 6 year old we have!  This is our finished bridge. 

DSCN0226                         We think it looks kinda like a castle


                                                   Side view



Future engineers?  I think so.  (David wouldn’t get in the picture.


                          It held all 10 legos! 


For about . . . .5 seconds!! 

Oh well,  we had fun doing this.  Thanks again, Michelle.  We look forward to next weeks challenge. 


Michelle said...

The bridge is great! It does look like a castle. I think you all did a great job! Thanks for joining up! *Ü*

(P.S. Don't forget to link up! I will have the post up Sunday night).

Gina said...

Oh, I love this! Gotta try it with my children!


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