Friday, December 18, 2009

Mathletics – TOS review


Mathletics is a really neat website where you are able to learn math concepts, play games and compete against other players all over the world.   I was able to get a trial membership as part of the TOS crew in order to do this review.   3P learning is the publishers behind the Mathletics website.

The first week that we used this, the kids just did the lessons for their level and played a few games.  The second week is when it got really exiting.  Every year Mathletics is the host of the American Math Challenge  where kids from all over the world can compete against each other.  They also are the host of World Math Day. 

Below is a look at one of the questions for fractions.   If the student doesn’t understand the concept, he can click on the question mark to get a detailed explanation of how the problem is done. 


You can view what curriculum is available for each grade level at   After your child finishes each grade, you can change grade levels (up to 6 times per year).   Mathletics recommends that children should use it 3-5 times per week for maximum results.  My kids both enjoyed the certificates that you can print after each level is complete.   They also loved shopping for new online accessories after earning points for their characters.    They also enjoyed playing math games that are available through RainForest math that is included with the membership.   My daughter finished all of the first grade math concepts in just a couple of sittings.  She really loved watching her points add up. 

Although Mathletics was initially a program used only in schools, I am thrilled that they have broadened out to include homeschoolers.   You can view a 6 page homeschooling brochure here.   This would also be great for any student who needs help in math or just likes to play math games on the computer. 

The parents have their own login in name and can access all of the students progress and even assign certain topics if the students needs help in a certain area.  There are a variety of workbooks that parents have access to that can be downloaded and printed for extra practice. We found these to be very fun and great math worksheets.  They will be adding many more worksheets in the near future and I personally can’t wait to have access to these.   We did have a lot of problems when we tried to access these when using Mozilla Firefox as our web browser.  When we used Internet Explorer there was no problem at all.  Not sure what the deal is there but we were glad to be able to solve this problem  so easily. 

As of now, they have grades Kindergarten through Eighth and you can get a yearly student membership for $59 per child.  Right now if you enter the human calculators favorite number (it’s 9) you can save $10 off of the individual student price making it $49 for a year.   Although this sounds a bit pricey to me, the website is very fun and probably worth the money.  My kids both enjoyed it very much. 

Please note I received a 45 day subscription to Mathletics in exchange for my honest opinion in this review.  No other compensation was provided to me.   Thank you and Happy Homeschooling!

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