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Math Mammoth – TOS Review


image Math Mammoth offers books that make teaching math easier for parents with children learning at a K-7 grade level.   The books are written by, Maria Miller, a teacher turned homeschool mom.  She wrote these books for moms who need help in easily teaching math concepts to their children.  She hopes to explain math in very simple terms.

Our family has been using this math curriculum exclusively for the past several weeks.  As part of the TOS crew, I received The Light Blue series for 1st and 3rd grades.  I had explained to the creator that my son is having trouble “getting” multiplication so she suggested using this level that starts with multiplication. 

Math Mammoth offers several different books.  The Blue Series Books offers concentration in a specific topic.  The Light Blue Series is a complete curriculum by grade level.   There are also Green and Gold series which contain no explanations.    Prices vary and can be seen by visiting the website at or by clicking on the colors above.   Each is available as either a download or a CD.  

They also have MIRL (Make it Real Learning) available which answer’s the age old question, “When am I going to use this?” 

Each level in the Light Blue series  includes two worktexts , cumulative reviews, answer keys, and a worksheet maker.  The pages are color coded so in order to get the full benefit, you need to print them in color which can be kind of pricey.  

Level 1, the Light Blue Series has 229 pages of worktext and covers the following things.   image

  • Addition concepts and facts 0-10
  • Subtraction concept and facts
  • Addition Subtraction Connection
  • Place Value – Tens and Ones
  • Clock
  • Shapes and Measuring
  • Adding and Subtracting within 0-100
  • Coins

Bella is really enjoying this math curriculum but she loves doing workbook pages.  She has always enjoyed doing page after page of workbooks.  I like the way that pictures are used to represent manipulatives which helps kids “see” the big picture.   Even though I think Bella has already mastered most of the the concepts in this level, we have enjoyed reviewing this.  Most of the things covered are just a refresher for her.  You can view a sample of this here.

The next level we received was Level 3 in the Light Blue Series.  Again, this is a complete curriculum with the following concepts covered:  image

  • Addition and Subtraction Strategies
  • Multiplication concepts
  • Multiplication tables
  • Clock
  • Money
  • Place Value
  • Geometry
  • Measuring
  • Division
  • Fractions

Griffin has mastered all of the concepts in this except for the multiplication and division.  We were able to ask for which levels we wanted to review.  Now, I wish I had asked for the Blue series on Multiplication and then the Light Blue Series in the Level 5 which is closer to where he is in the rest of the curriculum.   He is doing great with this.  We do only a couple of pages each day and this is not too overwhelming for him.  I think we are just going to have to continue going over and over the multiplication facts because he seems to know them one day and then the next he forgets.   This will probably be something we have to continually review.   You can view a sample of this level here.

Each of the levels I received cost $29.50 plus $14.00 for supportive materials ((answer keys, tests, cumulative reviews, worksheet maker, and Soft-Pak).  You can also get printed worktexts if you are worried about printing costs. 


    • Everything is in my computer – no more lost books.
    • I only have to print out what I need a little at a time.
    • Price is excellent for a complete year of curriculum.
    • Great for those who like workbooks. 
    • Website offers lots of information, free sample pages and easy to navigate. 
    • Grade 1 offers money in U.S., Canadian and European
    • Cummulative reviews and tests are offered for each level
    • Worksheet generator is a great addition


  • The level I choose (totally my fault, not theirs).  There are placement tests to determine which level you need.
  • The fact that printing needs to be done in color.  Even though I understand the concept, ink is too expensive.

Looking back over my likes and dislikes, I see that this has worked well for our family.  We will continue to use this as our core curriculum for the remainder of the year.   Oh yeah, another think I like is that once I buy it for my older student, I can use it again with the younger one without having to repurchase it. 

Please check out what the other crew members have to say about Math Mammoth.  Each member received different levels and packages so you will get a variety of opinions on various items.  

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.  I love getting your opinion on what I review.

**  Please note that I received this curriculum from  Math Mammoth in exchange for my honest opinion in this review at no charge.  No other compensation was provided to me. 


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Thank you for taking the time to leave me some advice on my post on blogfrog. I will take it to heart and really appreciate the prayers!

Mia said...

I'm not familiar with Math Mammoth but I want to check it out. I use Singapore Math with my kids to supplement what they do at school (chicago math/everyday math). I blog on that and A Word Problem A Day at See Black Navigation bar, with entry: Math Workbooks. Also I have some great free online math games that teachers have assigned my kids for homework.

Pragmatic Mom

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Thank you for the free game information. I appreciate you leaving a comment on my blog!


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