Friday, March 26, 2010

Where do we go? Mama Buzz Review


I was given a copy of the book Where do we Go? by James Weinsler to review. I was excited about this because my kids are always asking what happens to us when we die. I was hoping that this would be a great fit for our family and would explain the process of dying and Heaven to my kids. image This is a 44 page soft cover children’s book that was written shortly after the author experienced the death of his father, son and grandson in 2006. I love the fact that in response to a horrible time, he wrote a book for one of his remaining grandsons to help him deal with this very difficult time.

This book is published by Five Star Publications out of Florida and costs $12.95. The book was very child friendly and explained death in a non-secular way. I kept waiting to hear what happens after death but this book really just told a lot of different ideas about what kids might think will happen. Even though I knew before getting this book that it was non-secular (non-religious) I still kept hoping to read about Heaven. I would have loved to see at least the option that there is a Heaven, even if everyone doesn’t believe in this. If the author can mention magic carpet rides, I don’t think Heaven would have been too much of a stretch. I know that the purpose is so that the reader can insert their own beliefs but I would have loved to see this mentioned. I personally think that the ending that says you really truly never go anywhere, no matter what you do is scary to a child that has been told that loved ones go to Heaven. Because of this, I chose not to read this to my children.

The pictures are beautifully illustrated by Cliff Beaman and I love the fact that the author signed the copy that I received. I will keep it for when my children get a little older and more grounded in our faith before I show them this book.

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You can read more reviews on this book over at Mama Buzz. Please read all of the other reviews to help you decide if this would be good for your family. Our family is religious and have very specific views on what happens after you die. Because this doesn’t fit in with our beliefs, does not mean that you will not like it.

Thank you Mama Buzz and Five Star Publications for allowing me this opportunity.

** Please be advised that I received a copy of this book through Mama Buzz and from Five Star Publications for free in exchange for my honest opinion in this review. No other compensation was provided.


Debbie said...

Good review. Let me know if you find a book with the Heaven option, as this comes up a lot here, too!

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