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Super Star Speech – TOS review


Company: Super Star DML Publishing

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Our family loves games. When our day is stressed we like to pick one of the many games we have. The TOS crew is blessed this year to have Deborah Lott on the crew. In addition to being a crew member she also has a company called Super Star DML Publishing and agreed to share her products with the crew. I was really excited about this because she has a lot of educational games that she has created.

The only thing I like better than games are games that are educational. Super Star Speech has came up with fun games that are also educational in nature. You can learn social studies, science and language arts while playing games. All of the games are downloadable and include the following topics: Explorers, Continents, The Solar System, Egypt, Colonies, Revolutionary War, Insects, Plants, Inventors, and Parts of Speech.

These Super Star Games can be downloaded individually for $3.50 US each through CurrClick. The Super Star Games Science Bundle, a collection of all the science games, is available for $9.00, and the other games are available at a discount in the Super Star Games Bundle, for a cost of $14.00.


My kids really enjoyed the insect game. After I printed out the copies of the insects and game cards, Griffin and Bella colored the insects with markers. We decided to do this instead of printing on colored card stock. We also laminated the individual pieces in order to make it more sturdy. Their are questions to ask the players and with each correct answer you collect an insect part. The first person to collect all of their insects parts wins. We learned a lot of facts about insects while playing this game. All of the games are inexpensive at $3.50 each. Most of them are designed to be used as file folder games. You print out the pages and affix them to inside of the folder. The instructions are then put on the outside. This is an easy way to organize them but we would lose the pieces if they aren’t in something. So, we stapled a zip-loc baggie to the back of the folder to keep the pieces from getting lost.


As a part of this review, I was also blessed with a copy of Super Star Speech, Speech Therapy made simple. This is a manual that gives parents who either can’t afford speech therapy or for other reasons don’t have access to it, the resources to help their child who has speech problems. Bella, my 7 year old, has a problem with her “l’s”. Some of the words that she has problems with are fwat (flat), Wilwy (Lilly) and fwag (flag). I have always thought this was cute. I do realize that it won’t be so cute when she gets older. Most of the time I do not even notice that she says things wrong. After hearing it over and over, it becomes what is natural to hear. After receiving this program, I have realized that correcting this now is very important.

The manual includes
• An articulation test that assesses speech sounds in all word positions and compares errors to developmental norms.
• Specific instructions and tips for teaching every sound.
• 240 picture cards.
• Games and activities for enjoyable practice and drill.
• Reproducible lesson plan forms.

The following is taken from the website:

NOTE: If your child has many articulation errors, or another type of speech problem such as a language delay or stuttering, or if you are not able to commit to working with your child and his speech regularly at home, please seek the assistance of a speech-language pathologist. Likewise, if your child has a physical problem that affects his speech, such as a hearing impairment, cerebral palsy, or cleft palate, this book does not attempt to address those more complex issues.

The manual is available in a 3-ring binder for $22.95, spiral bound for $18.95 and a downloadable version at 40% off. You can also, for a short time, receive 20% off any item by using the code TOS when you order. This discount is only available until June 30th.


We also received Super Star R and L which focuses on these problem letters.

We have used the worksheets to practice the words that are difficult for her. To keep from having to reprint the pages, I put each sheet in a plastic sleeve and used dry erase markers. This worked great and Bella liked having the opportunity to use the markers instead of pencils for 100_5368 writing. We also used the trouble words for her for spelling in order to reinforce this even more. Has she overcome her problem areas, not entirely. But I have heard her correct herself lately when she says them incorrectly.

We have really enjoyed these products from Super Star Speech. I would recommend the games for any family and the speech products for anyone with children who have minor speech problems.

Please read what the other crew members have to say about this to see if this could be something your family would benefit from.

**Please note that I received free copies of the above products in exchange for my honest opinion in this review. No other compensation was was provided. Thank you, Deborah Lott and TOS for this opportunity.

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