Thursday, April 1, 2010

Todd Wilson - The Night Jesus took my place in the Easter Pagent

I love Todd Wilson. Okay, I don't love him. I really don't even know him. But he is one of my favorite speakers I have heard at a homeschool convention. He's super funny. My husband listened at the Cheo convention with me one year and he like him too.

Anyway, he has a great Easter story on his website over at Familyman Ministries. It is called The Night Jesus took my place in the Easter Pagent. David will be reading this to the kids this Easter. I highly recommend it for any family. Have a look and see if you like it. I don't think you will be dissapointed.

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Angela Wimbish said...

I hate to stalk your blog :) But I just found it last night while I couldn't sleep. We have so much in common! I've been to the Cincinnati convention (this year) and to Women of Faith in Indpls (two years ago), in fact I'm from Indianapolis! I adore Carol Barnier and heard her speak twice in Cinncinati and Todd Wilson is probably my favorite speaker out of all .... my husband subscribes to his emails, reads his daily devotional AND we live in Knoxville and have arranged to have him come here to speak on Oct 15th to local homeschoolers! Anyway I think we're twins separated at birth ... lol! Thanks for all the ideas, reviews, encouragement, etc. You helped make a sleepless night a little easier :) Angela in Knoxville


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