Friday, May 21, 2010

Cerebellum/Standard Deviants TOS review

PRODUCT:  Light Speed Chemistry

COMPANY:  Cerebellum

PRICE:  $14.98 (sale prices apply at this time which are lower)


I have received so many great things this year being part of the TOS  crew to review.    We received the Light Speed Chemistry DVD from Cerebellum Corporation.   This company has many different instructional DVD’s.  Two of the main ones are Standard Deviants and Light Speed.  There are four different DVD’s in the Light Speed  series.  U.S. Government, US History, Writing and Chemistry.


Lately, I have been hearing a lot about AP tests through our local CHEC homeschool group.  Our leader has teenagers who have been taking these tests.  Because my oldest child is only 11, I have several years before we will have to concern ourselves with these.  Why would you take an AP Test?  The AP Tests website has this to say.

Today's students take AP® courses for a variety of reasons. Many students enroll because they are excited to take on the challenge of rigorous coursework. Others take AP because they have a keen interest in a particular subject and want to explore it in more depth. Still other students know AP will help them be competitive and successful in college.

Cerebellum’s DVD’s will help you get ready to take these AP tests.   Each set sells for $14.98 normally.  Each DVD set is on sale right now for $11.24 and you will get a DVD and a CD Rom.  The DVD is around an hour long and has great test taking tips, information about the tests and strategies.  It has also has a very brief visit with each of the 30 most tested topics on the AP exam.  I think the reason this is called “Light Speed” is because each topic is covered very, very quickly.  The CD ROM is a digital workbook.  It has a document that includes an outline of the DVD.  This would help follow while watching the video.   There are also worksheets with the answers.  There are also quizzes. 

Some of the topics covered are

Atomic Theory and Structure
Chemical Bonding
Nuclear Chemistry
Equilibrium & Kinetics

Because I have never taken a chemistry class, this was pretty difficult for me to follow.  I do think it looks great for high school grade students to get a feel what these tests will entail.  I think homeschoolers are at a great advantage because they can take these tests earlier and receive college credit during high school years.  I look forward to using this with my son when he gets to be the correct age. 

The price is very affordable at $11.24.  But, right now, you can use the coupon code OSH20 to receive 20% off on any video product at their website.  That brings the price down to $8.99.

Please read what the other crew members have to say about Cerebellum.  You can read their reviews here.

Please note that I was given a copy of the DVD at no charge in exchange for my honest opinion in this review.   Thank you to TOS and Cerebellum for this opportunity. 

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