Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nature Study Tuesday

I am going to try to start participating in Nature Study Tuesday at Peace Creek on the Prairie.   I don’t promise to do it every week.  But we do love nature studies so we are going to try.

On Sunday, we saw a rabbit at Mom and Dad’s.  It was so cute.  Bella wanted to catch it but no such luck.  Mom and Dad aren’t too happy about it because it is eating their garden.  

We try to get outside every day, even if the weather is bad.  The kids played outside this morning with their cousins.   It is now 93 degrees outside so we will stay in during the day and spend our mornings and evenings outdoors. Then we had to go to my Dads because the air conditioning isn’t working on my car.   I now have a much better appreciation for my husband who doesn’t have air in his car.  I seriously thought I was going to melt.  (And no, it isn’t fixed).

We took Jewel (our dog) and she quickly found the chipmunk that my Dad had caught in a no-kill trap.  She was so excited.  She wanted to eat it but Griffin wouldn’t let her.  He is such a caring boy.  

“Papaw, what are you going to do with that chipmunk?”

When he got no response from my Dad, he looked at me and said “He’s going to kill it.  He didn’t answer me.”  After a few minutes he asked me if we could take it home.  The reason that my Dad caught it is because it is eating the wiring underneath my mom’s car that is kept in the garage.  So, I said “What do you think Daddy would say if we take it home”.   “We’ll just let it loose in the woods.  Please Mom, we don’t want it to die.” 

So, we brought it home.  We fed it water with a syringe which was pretty cool.  It was very thirsty after being in the cage all day.  We then released it into the woods.   I thought as it scurried away that I should have took it’s picture but, oh well, maybe next time.  

Until next week, Have a fun nature filled week. 

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Betty @ http://peacecreekontheprairie.com said...

Sounds like you have had lots of fun. Thanks for participating. I wonder if you will see your chipmunk again? They are so CUTE. Thanks again.

chubbycheeks said...

I should paticipate in this too ;)


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