Thursday, March 17, 2011

Back to the days of a slower life . . .


My husband and I have talked recently how we wish we could become Amish.  Now I know this is unreasonable.  Heck, we’re not even German.  But, we both want to got back to the era when life was slower.   Little House on the Prairie is one of our favorite shows because it lets us go to this time, if just for a little while. 

I think it might have to do with the fact that our babies are growing up.  We have been talking about my son, who turned 12 in December.  He is growing up so fast.  We have begun to discuss how we will handle all of the teenage things we know will be here sooner than we can imagine.   DRIVING, DATING and HIGH SCHOOL just to name a few.  

We have discussed courting and I look forward to reading and learning more about this.  I feel like this might be where God is leading us with our children. 

Now for driving, we have decided (for now) that they won’t drive until they are 21.  Okay, just kidding.  But, I also don’t think we will allow them to drive at 15 1/2 which is what our state allows.  I think that is too young to be in control of a deadly piece of machinery.  

The closest we have gotten to slowing down our lives is to turn off the TV (which somehow gets turned back on when I’m not looking).  This has helped because all of the temptations of television are gone and the kids seem happier without the TV.   We play more games and spend more time together.


Week 1

We also are planning a BIG garden for this spring.  We have started seeds indoors  and they are growing really well so far. 

102_7226 Week 2

We can’t wait to put these outside after the danger of frost.  We also are getting ready to plant some more tomatoes in our Topsy Turvey.   I have never used it but am excited to try.  WHO wouldn’t enjoy growing tomatoes upside down? 

Are you thinking of going backwards when it comes to technology and your way of thinking?  Let me know and we can enjoy the simpler life together. 


gail said...

Backwards is good. We join you in your quest. :o)

Lorus! said...

We only recently joined the current century ;) - but I love those 'good, old days'! We rarely watch TV and like you I find we are all friendlier and spend more time together. Now, I just need to be more careful with the computer time!

Martha A. said...

I always laugh a little when people say they want to live Amish to slow things down! The Amish are some of the most driven, go, go, go people I know! (I grew up living among Amish and attended Amish school for awhile, worked in their store). Also, the "simple life" does not mean you are less busy. When I lived without electricity, running water, toilets and all that....we spent all of our days hauling water in and out, cleaning, cooking and figuring out how to take a shower....there was not alot of time for anything else. It was nice, but not very simple!
If anything, it made me more thankful for the fact I can turn on the faucet and water comes out.

On the other hand though we do have our own attempts to slow life down. I have been really working hard on living life on purpose, not just as it comes at me. Every Summer we have been putting our TV away and spending more time doing things that are more active, in the winter we have to have it for school.....when I spend time on the computer, I develop more friendships and keep in contact with others.

Loving learning at Home said...

Martha, I guess I should have said I just want to eliminate the outside influences of the world like the Amish. I know that they work very hard, even the children. I know that I'm not cut out for that lifestyle but I wish I were. ;)

Briana said...

Being Amish is a secret dream of mine although I can't imagine living without air conditioning! We try to keep the tv off also. I like to keep a reading basket of books for the children to bring out after dinner.


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