Thursday, April 14, 2011

Our week in review

This is a little early, but we have had a great week so I thought I’d go ahead and share. 

We are loving Sonlight history.  We have started reading Pedro’s Journal and the kids both wanted me to continue each day.  I love image that about read alouds.  They get so interested and want to know the story.  Sometimes I indulge, other times I make them wait.  LOL

This is the story of Chrisopher Columbus’s ship boy.  It is a great story.  I highly recommend it.

For math, I got Griffin a new book to do along with his Saxon.  He is still doing great in that but I wanted to get something that shows how you really use math in every day life.  I got the Pet Store from Your Math Business.   This is a Charlotte Mason style math series and he LOVES it.  So far, he has learned how to do markup, sales tax, write checks and purchase orders.  He asks to do this first every day (and sometimes again at night).   It teaches you how to own a store and earn a profit.  Really, really cute.   I met the creators at the homeschool conference.  I suggested a music store version to them and they seemed very excited about that.  Griffin just told me he would spend all his start up money on guitars if he does that one.  LOL  (He only spent $300 with the pet store and had $10,000 to use). Bella really wants to do this too.  I will probably get it for her next year.



I received Considering God’s Creation to review this week for TOS.   It, so far, is amazing.  We are learning all about Creation (again) right now.  The kids had a lot of fun learning about the order of what God created.  100_7400 They each had 10 pictures that explain creation (God, light, man, etc).  They mixed the cards up and 100_7401tried to get the order right just by “random” picking.   They never even came close, once, to getting anything in the right place.  It amazes me that there are people who believe that the world just “happened”.  The odds of getting the 10 pictures in the correct order is 1 in approximatley 3 1/2 million.  I told Bella if she got them right, we would let her pick some lottery numbers for us.  LOL We are also reading great living books about the science topics in this curriculum.

We are still doing nature walks and loving them.  Our family is so glad that Spring is finally here.  (We hope to stay).  This is a picture of 100_7386

Griffin burning a hole in a leaf with a magnifying glass.  We went to the rest area last week with some homeschool friends and had a blast.   This is going to be something we do weekly now.  My kids love getting together and doing science with other families.  100_7399



Bella’s ballet class is getting ready for the recital.  I took pictures for them the other day so I thought I’d share one here.  Bella is the one in the first row on the far right.   She isn’t doing the recital because she is afraid this year.  I’ve told her next year if she continues she has to do it.  We’ll see how that works out for me. 

Looking back over the week, it makes me wonder why people ever ask about socialization when it comes to homeschoolers.  We have so many opportunities to be with friends and family.

God is certainly blessing our family. 

How is your week going?  Would love to hear about your days.

Happy Homeschooling.


Nikki said...

We read Pedro's Journal earlier this year and also really enjoyed it. We are also using Considering God's Creation this school year. I am thankful you all received it to review and I am sure you all will really like like it!

Ashley said...

Thanks for following my blog and for your nice comment! I'm your newest follower now too. I don't homeschool my kids, but I was homeschooled during high school and I agree with you that there are SO many opportunities for socialization besides public school. :)


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