Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Curriculum for sale

I am posting several things for sale that we will not be using this year for school. These are all things that I would love to keep but my husbands car died today and helping pay for one is a little more pressing right now than what we will be using in a year or two. So, bad for me, good for you. I try to tell you if I see anything wrong with the books. I don’t sell anything I wouldn’t want to buy. That being said, I may miss something minor.

Prices are negotiable. Shipping is not included. Insurance is recommended. If you would like something, please email me at griffinbellasmom at yahoo dot com. If you would like to see a picture of something, I can send you one. I will mark out items as they are sold.

Thanks so much for looking.

Disney Creative Memories Album – this is new. I bought the album which has the Mickey ears on the front of a red album. I also bought the pack that goes along with it and made the album inside. So, you have an already made album that you just have to put pictures in. I was waiting to use this for if we go to Disney one day but it looks like that isn’t going to happen anytime before my kids grow up. One page has a mark where it looks like a sticker was pulled off. This will be covered with the picture you put on the page so isn’t really an issue. This is no longer sold by Creative Memories. I paid $29 for the album and $18 for the kit. Asking $25. - Sold

Artistic Pursuits – Grade 4-6 book 2 – Color and Composition – This is in like new condition. Retail $42.95. Asking $20 - SOLD

Artistic Pursuits – Jr. High Book 1 – This one is crinkled on the front and the first few pages. No writing that I see. Retails $42.95 Asking $20

Abeka Art Projects – Book C – Back cover is loose and cover is bent. I don’t see anything missing, just older version. Retail $10.75. Asking $3.00

Vocabulary Cartoons- Word Power Made Easy – Red cover – Retails $12.95 - Asking $5.00

Madam How and Lady Why – Paperback book – this was used with Ambleside Online. Great book – Cover bent from reading. Retails $12.95. Asking $4.00

Robert Schumann and Handel – Zeezok Publishing Great Musician Series set of 2 study guides and 2 books and companion CD – this was used for review and we LOVED it. Like new Great addition to your music study. Retails for total of approximately $45. Asking $20 - SOLD

Read for the Heart – Sarah Clarkson – I hate to be getting rid of this. I Love it. You will too. Has lists of books that are must reads for every child and adult. Retails $17.00 Excellent Condition – Asking $5.00 - Sale Pending

Considering God’s Creation – Teachers Manual and Student Book – Teacher’s manual is in good shape. Student book has writing in it and missing pages 1-36 and I see 2 pages after that that are done. Still very usable. This is great. I have two copies. It is what we are using this year. Teachers’ guide sells for $29.95 and workbook is $13.95. Asking $15 for both. - SOLD

Gladys Aylward – The adventure of a lifetime paperback book. - New. Retails for $8.99 Asking $Sale Pending

TruthQuest History – Ancient Rome and Ancient Egypt/Greece – These are in excellent condition. This is another thing I hate to get rid of but haven’t used yet. Retails for $24.95 each. Asking $10 each - SOLD

Konos – Volume 1 and Volume 3 – Binding is loose in volume 3. The pages aren’t falling out the binding is just broken. I love using these for reference. They have great activities and suggestions. Highly recommend. These now retail for $110 each. (Oh my gosh, that is crazy). Asking $25 each

Who is God (and can I really know him) – This is an excellent Bible curriculum. Like new condition. Retails for $39. Asking $15 - Sold

That is it for now. Thanks again for looking.

God Bless and Happy homeschooling.

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