Monday, November 25, 2013

Gratitude and Blessings: Day 25–Thankful for Time

Oh my goodness, it is only three days until Thanksgiving.  It is unbelievable that the month has almost come and gone.  Only 30 days until Christmas.  

Today I am thankful for time.

Weird, huh?

I am thankful that God allows time to heal when we are hurt.

Have you hurt this year?  I believe that if we are honest we all have.   Everyone has their own problems.

Some lots.

Some not so many. 

I know that there are people who are where I was a year ago.   I remember sitting on my steps like it was 10 minutes ago while my sister told me I would get through the hurt. 

I couldn’t breath.  Literally.  Have you every felt like that?   Cried so hard that you didn’t think your next breath would come?   

She said “Lori, you will wake one day and realize that he has hurt you so much that you don’t feel anything for him at all”.   Guess what?  She was right.  Sometimes the hurt overwhelms the good and you really can’t remember the good times anymore.   No matter how many you know there were.    You will feel better.  Maybe not tomorrow.  Maybe not next week.  But with time, you will have more moments that you are smiling than crying. 

I try to teach my kids that actions speak louder than words.   That is true.  But words hurt.  I have realized that when someone says something hurtful you never really forget.  Whether it is true or not.

I have questioned things about me that I know are not true.  It isn’t fair.    I have sat and thought about things people have said about me and even though I know it isn’t true, I know that God knows it isn’t true,  it still hurts me.   Funny how time doesn’t make that go away.   But it does help.

Someone shared a YouTube video that I love.  I share lots of things on my Facebook page.  Most are cute or funny.  This one made me realize that no matter what others think or say, I know that I am more than enough.  God tells me so.    I watch it nearly every day.  It makes me have chills every time no matter where I am or what I am doing.  I have sent it to the women in my life because I know that every one of us doubt that we a

re good enough. 

That we are pretty enough

That we have enough money.   That the mistakes we have made make us unworthy.

God says we are enough.   You are worth more than all earthly things. 



As time goes by, my kids are growing up to be beautiful, God centered young adults.   They too are feeling better.  At least they seem to be.  Time makes my love for them grow by the second.  Their father and I love them with everything we have.  

Today, I am thankful for the time God gives me.  None of us know how much we have.  It could all be over in a literal heart beat.    I pray that my minutes are spent glorifying God more than not.

And that I don’t waste the time I am given.

God Bless. 

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