Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Old Schoolhouse WeeBook Review

Good afternoon everyone. This post is a review of the WeeBooks which can be purchased from The Old Schoolhouse Store. WeeBooks are a very inexpensive way to get an incredible amount of information on a variety of subjects. At only $1.95, the price is amazing.

The WeeBooks that I looked at were Following the Iditard, Entomology, the study of Insects and SummerTime Blues. Each WeeBook has a huge amount of information. I especially loved the WeeBook on the Iditarod. It was an entire unit study with wonderful ideas, links, and even worksheets to use.

I highly recommend WeeBooks as an inexpensive way to get quick information on many subjects. Currently there are 30 WeeBooks available at The Old Schoolhouse. There are WeeBooks on different homeschooling styles, how to deal with character problems and they even have a free binder that you can put all of your WeeBook purchases in. You can check them out for yourself at or by clicking on the link in the sideline. And as always, shipping is free on every order at the The Old Schoolhouse Store.


Debbie said...

WeeBooks sound like fun. I'll have to give them a look.

homeschooldad.dbb said...

WeeBooks sound very good. I will definitely look at them on The Old Schoolhouse website.


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