Monday, June 29, 2009

I hate Gardening!

Not really, but it is such hard work. I start every year thinking that I love all that great food that you get out of the garden. By the end of the season, I'm saying "Vegetables really aren't that expensive. Is this worth it?"

We planted our garden at the end of May. Actually, I should say, David planted it. I went to work with the expectation of planting it that evening. When I got home, he had already done it. You say, "Wow, that's great", huh? Not when you know that he planted it in about, uh, 15 minutes tops. He hates to wait so he just does it halfway. When I watered it the first time, most of the plants fell out of the ground when the water mist hit them. :) So, I replanted most of it.

Then comes the weeding. And more weeding. And more weeding. David has tilled it once with the tiller but who knew the weeds just keep coming. I would put pictures of it on here but I'm ashamed. My Mom and Dad's garden is awesome. Everything is in straight rows and you can tell what is growing. Not ours. Last night they came over for supper and my Dad actually asked me when we were going to plant the rest of it. He was serious. We have a grand total of about 15 plants in the whole garden.

Last year, when things didn't look so good I came home and David had mowed over the whole thing. He said he was thinking about doing it again and I threatened him with bodily harm.

Oh well, I guess we will just have to keep working. And weeding.

Happy Gardening.

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emily_4520 said...

Gardening is hard work. I'll come help you weed. :)


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