Thursday, July 2, 2009

WOW. What deals.

I went to our local (well not really local since I have to drive 40 minutes to get there) Target and Dollar Tree today. Thanks so much to Tristan, a fellow Crew member for the wonderful FYI. You can see her blog here. I love getting homeschool bargains. I had to go to two different Targets before I found everything but boy am I glad I went to the second one. I found everything I was looking for there in their Dollar Spot section.

Here is a list of what I bought that we will use for our homeschool endeavor this school year. We are hopefully going to get to review the workboxes. But, even if I don’t I am going to try using them. I think they look great and my kids will love them.

Dollar Tree

DOLLAR TREE - everything purchased here was $1.00 each.

*The Learning Line – Word Families - Workbook that introduces word families with fun workbook pages.

*The Learning Line – Addition Facts to 18 – Another fun workbook for my daughter who loves doing these.

* The Learning Line - Learning about Money – A full color workbook, again for my daughter.

* The Learning Line – Cursive Writing – this one is for my son. We have struggled with learning cursive for 2 years. He hates to write and is left handed. But, we will try again this year.

* Music Makers – Campfire Sing Alongs – This is a CD with fun songs to sing and has a book that includes the words. We’ll use this for part of our music time. We also plan on using this while we are camping this summer.

* 3D Thrillers – Solar System – A 3D book that includes the 3D glasses. My kids love this kind of stuff.

* Job Chart – my son has wanted to have one of these for awhile. This one is really cute and is dry erase format and two sided.

* Huge Multiplication Chart to 12’s. We have also been struggling with multiplication. Hopefully this will help along with our new math program, Right Start Math.

* Bible Card Games – this includes Bible Hero’s flash cards, Bible Go Fish, and Bible Trivia cards. What a great way to learn about God!

* USA Map 100 piece puzzle – We are going to study American History next year so this is going to work well.


TARGET – This was all in the dollar spot at Target except the planner. Unless stated otherwise, everything was $1.00 here also.

* Plastic Lap Desk – this has the bean bag bottom. (Wishing I had bought two of these). This was $2.50.

* The Reef 100 piece puzzle – glow in tthe dark.

*Explorers glitter puzzle – 100 piece

* Pack of Play Money – Bella loves to play with her pretend cash register and is always losing the money. She will also be learning more about money this year. She knows each type of coin but not how to add them yet.

* learn Discover Explore The United States of America Fun Flap book - This is a board book that has all of the states by location. It also tells the date they entered the union and the capital and abbreviation. This looks like it could be used as a fun game also. ( I bought two of these)

* The World workbook. This is all about countries. We are studying American History next year but I couldn’t pass up this really cute workbook. I figure Bella can use this when she just wants something extra to do.

* Velvet water color posters – my kids love anything to do with art.

* US Presidents flash cards

* Explore United States flash cards

* Landmarks Flash Cards

* Childrens puzzle fun – this has a lot of crosswords and fun things to do.

* Stampers – these are the kind that you roll along to make borders. Very cute.

* 123 Stickers – fun for art or to put on papers. Even though we don’t grade they love to get stickers and smiley faces on their stuff.

* Dry Erase Board with lines - Bella will use this to help with handwriting. We are also going to do sequential spelling and I thought this would work well with that also.

*Post-It Weekly Planner – I have been looking for just the right planner/calendar and I think I found it in this. This was kind of expensive ($17.00) but I love it. It has 52 sheets so each week is a new sheet. There is enough room to use for all of our lessons and the post-it notes can be reused for each week if I want to. Love this!

* Art paper Roll – the kids love to make landscape pictures and this will work great for that.

* Wipe-Off smart mat – Us Presidents – comes with dry erase marker.

*Wipe Off smart mat – Our Solar system

* Bag of Pom Poms – great for creative play and art time.

* United States Puzzle – this is for Bella because it is easier than the one from the Dollar Tree. Every state is not separate.

* Lets Travel the World Puzzle – this is also an easier board puzzle – 24 pieces

* Wipe- Off Smart Mat – Cursive writing – cannot ever get enough practice with this.

* Wipe- Off Insect Guide – this has tons of different insects on one side and the metamorphosis of a butterfly. We are going to use this with our butterfly unit from Hands of a Child.

I had a great time shopping for all of this and I could have bought more but thought I better stop before I got in trouble with my husband. He doesn’t understand our need for more “stuff”.


Mama Squirrel said...

Wow !!!!!

RaisingOlives said...

Wow! Great finds. I hope I can get by Target soon, we could use some of those things for school also.


Tristan said...

Great finds! I'm going to check back again at my Target every week or two (but mine is closer, so that's easy). Thanks for the link back to my blog!


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