Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ronald McDonald at the Library!

Our summer reading program is in full swing at our local library.  I work there part time and am having a great time helping with activities.  Sunshine (that’s my co-worker) is doing a great job.

This week’s family night had Ronald McDonald teaching us how to be creative at the library.   He told lots of jokes and did magic tricks.  The kids LOVED him.  I thought my 10 year old son would be too old to enjoy this but he keeps talking about how great it was. 


The program lasted about an hour and during that time Ronald wowed everyone with his humor.  My kids favorite part was when he drew a face on a white board which he called his “Dictionary”.  The face then proceeded to “come to life”.  The face moved it’s eyes and mouth to spell words and give definitions.  Even I was pretty spellbound.  100_3528

My kids have really started reading so they can get prizes at the end of the SRP.   For each 5 picture books or 50 pages in a chapter book they receive a ticket that they can put in as a chance to win a prize.  The top 50 readers will also get a t-shirt which was donated by the Sardinia Pharmacy where my sister works.  Thanks Dale!!!!    What a great way to get kids to love reading.   I will post again next week when we have a real magician coming to the family night on Wednesday.  100_3521


Christy@MercyEveryMorning said...

Thanks for the tip about Beechmont Target! I'm not planning to be out that way, but will keep checking the ones near me. I did find a few of the things at one, but will have to check another, too. :)

I did my three columns from the info I found here:

It's not too, too hard, but pay attention to what layout you start with! I thought I had minima, and tried to change it all, when in fact I had minima it was all messed up in IE. I had to switch to minima and start over. :(


Anonymous said...

Love the library, love Ronald McDonald!!!!!


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