Friday, September 11, 2009

TOS review for College Prep Genius


Our family received College Prep Genius to review. This worried me because my oldest child is 10 years old. Luckily, I have found a family in our CHEC homeschool group that is excited to try this out. This review will just be informational only. In my next review I will let you know what that family had to say about this program and how they used it.

College Prep Genius is the no brainer way to SAT Success written by Jean Burk. She is a speaker and teaches this class all over Texas and other states. When you buy this program you will get a 178 page book, a workbook and a 4 disc DVD set entitled “Master the SAT Class”. You can raise you SAT and PSAT/NMSQT test scores by taking this class without ever having to leave your house. It explains that the SAT is a reasoning/logic test, not really a test of how much you know. Once you take this class, you will not longer need to memorize thousands of vocabulary words. What a great concept.

College Prep Genius covers critical reading, math, and writing. You can learn things like


** The three main question types in all passages

** How to eliminate wrong answer choices

** The four recurring tricks hidden in the answer choices

** The secret to answering the short Reading Passage and the place to look for the main idea in this passage – it’s always the same.


** How to rarely use your calculator

** What to do with unknown variables

** How to eliminate 2-3 answers

** The fastest way to answer a fraction question.


** How to write an essay in about 15 minutes

** The biggest key to an amazing essay

** How to make use of all of the lines provided

The class uses ACRONYMS to help with these writing tips.

The best thing about this class for our family would be that it includes College scholarship contest information and how to get a FREE COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP. With today’s tight economy, every family could use more money for college. This class gives you the best way to get this money. You can raise your scores by as much as 600 points.

It is recommended that you take the SAT practice test first to see where your score is. Then read the book all the way through 2-3 times. You will need to learn the acronyms for each section. This is the key to mastering the SAT. Then you will watch the DVD that is included with your purchase.

All of this is great but the best thing is it is 100% GUARANTEED. If you’re not satisfied with the COLLEGE PREP GENIUS program, you can send it back within the first 30 days and you will receive your money back! You really don’t have anything to lose and everything to gain!

Right now you can get the entire program for only $79.00. That is 30% off the original price.

“Master the SAT Class” DVD: $59.95

College Prep Genius textbook: $39.95

Class workbook: $15.95

Total value: $115.85

Introductory Price:

$79 (30% OFF!)

Check back later for my additional review on how this worked for my friends family.

You can also see what the other TOS crew members have to say about this program at

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