Tuesday, September 22, 2009

TOS Review – Studypod


I have always loved to read.   On any given day in our homeschool you will find me with a book.  In the kitchen when I’m cooking, while I’m watching television, playing games with the kids, eating dinner, and yes, even in the bathroom.  I just love to read.  My favorite place to read is the bathtub.  This is generally the only place that I have some time to myself.  Being a homeschool mom keeps me very busy and much needed around our house.  So, I was very excited to find out that I would be getting a Studypod to review for the TOS crew.   I thought, “Wow, now I will quit dropping books in the bathtub.”  (Don’t ask.  It makes my husband mad about the fines from the library.) 

I was very excited to get mine in the mail.  When I opened it up, I have to admit I was kind of disappointed.  I could tell right away this wouldn’t work in the bathtub.  But, it was going to work in a lot of other places so I was still pretty energized about this new “toy”.    What is it, you say?    It is the first book holder designed for students says the maker of this ingenious item, Genio.   I say its a plastic book holder that holds your book upright when reading.  When you purchase the Studypod on Genio’s website at www.studypodbookholder.com you receive what looks like a book at first glance.  This is great because it goes right into a backpack or on a bookshelf when not in use.  But when opened, it will hold every size (and I mean every) book or individual sheets so that your focus is at eye level and your hands are free.  I tried the smallest book I could find and then our large family Bible and both worked great with the Studypod.   Your hands are free when using this so you can write notes, eat or cook.  I love using it with my cookbooks so they stay open to the correct page.  One little tip I found is to put your cookbook in a large plastic bag so that you can still see the print but no spills or splashes will ruin the book.    I also used it to hold the Sequential Spelling book when giving the spelling tests.   This was great because I could write on the whiteboard and still see the words without having to lay the book down after each word.

image All of the TOS crew received black but it is available in pink and blue also.  Since I haven’t let my kids use this yet I am contemplating getting them each one in blue and pink.   Several times they asked to use “mine” but I always had a book in it.  


There is a great pocket in the Studypod where you can keep things like pencils and a calculator.  Personally I think a candy bar would fit great for those late night reading sessions when you get hungry.  

So you’re thinking, I’m not a student so I wouldn’t use one?  Well, Genio thought of that and made the Bookpod.  This is basically the same item but it comes in different colors than the study pod.  You can get it in Black, Gray and Beige.  


The Studypod sells for $19.95 but believe me you will need more than one, so why not get them at the same time and save money.  When you purchase more than one you can get them for $16.95 each.   These would make great Christmas presents for your kids.   Just slip a new book inside and they will be ready to read.   Tell Grandma that if she uses the code TOSBLOG5 when ordering she can save $5.oo and you’ll get a present for your kids that you won’t want to send back.  (Okay, anyone can save the $5.00, not just Grandma.)   You can order it from their online store or find a store near you.  

Another neat thing is that you can raise money for your organization by selling these for your next fundraiser.  Find out more about this here.   What a great way to raise money for sports teams or scout group. 


So, our families opinion of the Studypod is that it would be great for anyone in your family; the cook, musician, reader or student will love this.   The only downside for me was that I still need to find a better way to read in the bathtub.  


Happy Homeschooling!!!!

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