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Download N Go from TOS

My family loves lapbooks. The kids love the fact that they have something to look at after they have finished learning about a particular topic. I love that everything is easily accessible and I don’t have to look everywhere for information. There are a lot of different places you can get great lapbooks for your family.

Our favorite place is the TOS Store. From Amanda Bennett to In the Hands of a Child, you will be able to find what you are looking for in the way of lapbooks. Our new favorite product from The Schoolhouse Store is Download N Go. These are brought to you by Amanda Bennett (who does great unit studies) and The Old Schoolhouse. They describe this as where lapbooks meet unit studies. You can get the Autumn Treasures Download N Go free here.

We downloaded this a couple of weeks ago and have had so much fun learning about Autumn. This e-book encourages nature walks and then putting down on paper what you saw during this great outdoor time. The pages of the ebooks are so colorful and fun. Both of my kids love the vivid pictures. There are 86 pages which add up to a week of curriculum. If you think you don’t have time to do lapbooks or unit studies, you should really give these a try.

We learned all about the different seasons, why trees change in the autumn and eventually fall off in winter, saw places where leaves don’t change colors and even saw a video of the most amazing fall trees. The ebook contains so many links that are educational and fun. It saves so much time to have all of these in one place without having to do the legwork myself to find them.


One of the days was all about apples. We learned about Johnny Appleseed, cut open apples and investigated their seeds, made applesauce, and Bella colored pages in an Apple coloring book.

Another day had us finding out all about the earth’s hemisphere’s and how where you live affects what kind of crops the farmers harvest. We learned about the Harvest moon and had the opportunity to see one just a few days after learning about it.

Here are just a few of the many more things you will discover in Autumn Treasures

  • Monarch Butterfly Migration
  • Pumpkin Science from Scholastic
  • Who taught the Pilgrims how to grow pumpkins
  • Vocabulary words
  • Life cycle of a Pumpkin
  • Poems
  • Goodies and Gadgets of Autumn (including Popcorn, YUM!)
  • Tree leaf guides with Guides to American trees.

There was honestly so much stuff that we didn’t get to a lot of it that I wanted to. We will probably go back and go over what we missed. There are so many great websites and activities in this ebook.

Download N Go™ studies are a new kind of learning experience!

Daily lessons and lapbook instructions woven together with eye-pleasing pages and interactivity based on exciting themes are ready for immediate use. Each week in the series delivers an exciting new topic to discover!

Here’s what The Old Schoolhouse has to say about the new Download N Go.


I really like the fact that these are multi-level. You can teach several age groups at one time. This is a huge time saver.

Here is a list of the topics that will be available for 2010.


You can buy these by the week for $7.95. While this is a great buy, you can save even more by purchasing more weeks.

There are four convenient options:

  • Option A: Purchase individual weeks. This is an affordably-priced deal!
  • Option B: 4 weeks--is a good deal. Use coupon code DNG4WK and save 20%. Pay only $24! Click here to purchase!
  • Option C: 19 weeks--is an even better deal. Use coupon code DNG19WK and save 20%. Pay only $91.20 for an entire semester's learning! Click here to purchase!
  • Option D: 38 weeks--is the absolute best deal! With the special coupon code DNG38WK, you can enjoy an entire year's curriculum--for multiple children--for only $152! That's only $4 per week to homeschool your entire family! Click here to purchase!

Hurry and order this because these discounts will only be available for a short time

We had such a great time learning all about Autumn with the ebook Autumn Treasures. I highly recommend downloading this from The Schoolhouse store at TOS where it is FREE.

I am just amazed at how much time is saved when using this kind of curriculum. I know that I would never be able to find all of these resources and love that they are all together in one place. We will definitely be purchasing more of these great new resources when our budget allows. I just may be asking for curriculum for my Christmas present this year. I think you will love it just as much as we did.

Happy Homeschooling and Happy Holidays!

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