Monday, November 23, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

Oh my Gosh, I can 't believe I haven't done this for a month. I hate it that I get so busy that I don't have time to keep up on the things I want to.

I love participating in the Simple Woman's Daybook that you can find here. Please join in and let everyone know what you are thinking.

(November 23, 2009)...
Outside my window... I notice Winter is on it's way. It has gotten colder the last few days and my kids are needing jackets now. I love the smell of winter coming. Winter is one of my favorite seasons. I also LOVE the sound of snow falling on a winter day. I can't wait.
I am thinking... that I have so much to be thankful for: my heavenly father and my family top the list today.
I am thankful for... Oops, answered this one above. It's a good thing I have a lot to be thankful for. I am thankful that my husband loves me even with all my flaws.
From the learning rooms... Beginning Mystery of History and loving it. I am anxious to continue to learn with my children about the Bible through history. Math is going well with Math-U-See. Bella is starting to learn piano with Kinderbach and Griffin is getting ready to start guitar lessons. We'll be having a concert before you know it.
From the kitchen... Vegetable soup and Chili. Great comfort foods, but also low fat. Started The Biggest Loser Diet last week with my sister and her girls. I lost 2.6 pounds this week. Not a great start but at least it is in the right direction.
I am wearing... workout clothes: sweat pants and sweatshirt. We all did Sweatin' to the Oldies and then I came home and did Pilates.
I am creating... a Christmas dress for Bella to wear on Christmas day. It is out of a really cute green material with angel ballerina's on it.
I am going... TO LOSE WEIGHT!!!!! (Okay, I wrote it down, now I have to do it.)
I am reading... Just finished Richard Paul Evans books (3 different ones). Man I love his books but they are so sad.
I am hoping... to start a new Bible study with my homeschooling mom friends. I really need some encouragement in my daily walk with God.
I am hearing... dogs barking. They never quit.
Around the house... everyone is in bed. Ahhhh, quite (except for the dogs).
One of my favorite things... seeing everyone on Thanksgiving. What a blessing my family is.
A few plans for the rest of the week: school tomorrow and then work on Wednesday. Thanksgiving dinner (x2) on Thursday and lots of shopping on Friday. Gotta get rested up for Black Friday. Actually, I'm not going to buy near as much this year. We are celebrating the true meaning of Christmas this year, and hopefully appreciating our blessings much more.
Here is picture for thought I am sharing... I am thankful for all of the service men and women who are keeping us safe this Thanksgiving week. This picture is my niece Allie and her boyfriend Chris who is spending Thanksgiving in Iraq. Thank you for for all of the sacrifices you guys make.

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Debbie said...

Tell me more about this Christmas Dress....
And, did I ever send you the link for the Patchwork mind...........


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