Thursday, January 28, 2010

Math Score – TOS review


Are you looking for a way to review math facts with your children?  If you want a basic, no frills way to do this then MathScore may be just what you are looking for.   I received a trial subscription to review for the TOS crew.   Honestly, my kids like computer games that have all the bells and whistles.  They like bright colors, flashing pictures and getting to play games.  This website is all black and white and very to the point. 

You can sign up for a free trial period and it is very easy to do.  The website is easy to navigate and straightforward.   When you log in you get to start with very basic skills.  My daughter started with beginning addition.  You start by clicking on a topic and then there are worksheets that correspond to the topic.   It is all done on the computer screen.   Before you do the worksheet, it gives you the facts that you should practice so you will know them.   If you miss a fact, it gives you the chance to review it.    The only thing that my children liked about this was that you earn trophies after you earn enough points.   They didn’t like that you don’t earn points if you miss any problems.  They thought it would be better if you earned points ever time, just less if you missed one.

You are also given only a certain amount of time to do the problems.  This can cause a problem if you have a child who isn’t very good at typing or is slow at this.  I know there were a few times when they got the correct answer but put a space in and it was counted wrong.    Each lesson gets progressively more difficult. 

Overall this is a thorough way to review math concepts.  If you have a child that cannot concentrate with all of the colors and excitement of most computer programs, this is probably just what you need.  

Here are some of the concepts that you can practice with MathScore:

*  Addition                                                *  Inverse equations

*  Subtraction                                          *  Odd and Even

*  Multiplication/Division                   *  Geometric Shapes

*  Time                                                       *  Patterns

*  Money

After the 4th grade, there are assessments available for you to get feedback on how your child is doing.   

Mathscore is available for a monthly fee of $14.95 and there is no minimum commitment.   This is far less expensive that a traditional tutor.   So, if you are looking for a place to practice math facts where the grading is done for you, check out Mathscore.

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** Please note that I received a free trial subscription to Mathscore in exchange for my honest opinion in this review as a part of the TOS crew.  No other compensation was provided to me. 

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