Monday, March 8, 2010

Unorganized, but in control!


This weeks question on the Blog Cruise is How do you organizer your homeschool space? If you have ever been to my house you probably know that I am very unorganized by looking at our school room.


This is a picture of our house. I include this because we use our entire house to learn. This is what keeps all of our school stuff contained!

The room that we use to keep our school stuff in was designed to be used as a dining room. But, we are not a formal type of family so when we built our house, I knew right away that this was going to be used as a play room/school room. I would really love for my house to be super organized and clean. But, after homeschooling for 6 years I have come to the conclusion that it isn’t gonna happen. My children are only going to be at home for a short number of years and then I will have time to keep everything clean and neat. Right now, I am enjoying learning with them and having fun along the way. 101_4889

Even though the room looks unorganized, I can ordinarily find whatever I am looking for. Whether it is a textbook, game, or art supply, I have a good idea where most stuff is kept. That is, if it was put away correctly. Of course this doesn’t always happen.


This is our main book shelf. Each shelf holds the majority of items we use for a particular subject. The top shelf is for games that we sometimes use and where we keep papers we don’t want to get thrown away.


Then next shelf down is for math manipulatives and a few Bible books. We use cloth containers with no lids and plastic containers to keep this stuff in. We usually can’t fit the lids on the plastic ones because they are overflowing with great learning stuff.


We then have some of our craft supplies (but certainly not all of them). We keep our paints in a closet upstairs. Craft supplies are also kept in plastic containers with lids. Sometimes the lids get used and sometimes not. It just depends on how often we are getting things out of them. Here you will find glue, tape, WikkiStix, glitter, pipe cleaners, stickers, staplers, pom poms and beads (just to name a few things). My kids are very artistic to so this is a huge part of our learning. My son loves to draw. Pencils,markers, and chalk are kept on Bella’s desk in a 3 drawer plastic container. The drawers come out easily so they can take them out as needed. Crayons have their own huge container that is kept on the blue cubbies. Coloring books and drawing paper are kept in a cubby under the crayons.


Moving downward you will find all of our math books and English items we are currently using and a few musical instruments.

There are also Cuisenaire Rods on this shelf. The two red boxes are a wooden train that I picked up at Michaels’ for the kids to paint. The yellow Rubbermaid container has a phonics game that Bella is enjoying playing right now.


This shelf has our movies and CD’s that we love. We have all of the Little House on the Prairie Series on DVD that the entire family loves to watch. Our US puzzle pieces is in the green drawer. You will also find our beloved “Your Story Hour” CD’s. The kids love learning history by listening to these wonderful stories. Recently we listened to the story of the Pony Express and Griffin couldn’t wait to go to the library to get more books on this subject. There is also a roll of art paper stuffed on this shelf.

The remaining shelves hold our books that we like to read over and over again. These are ones that after weeding our books, we cannot get rid of. Included here are “The little House, Mike Mulligan, Alabaster's Song, and many more favorites.


These two bookshelves go almost all the way to the ceiling. You can’t see but there are games piled on top of both of them. The blue one has a science shelf, a workbook shelf and the top shelf is reference books (dictionaries, etc.) The white shelf has art paper and books on the top shelf, June B. Jones series next (with rolly paint in the clear container), Magic Tree House Series and the bottom two shelves have Bibles, and 3 ring binders that we keep papers in.

101_4884 Our family loves to play games and this is where we keep the majority of them. Bella’s sewing machine is also kept here. You can’t see in this picture but there are two more of these blue cubbies that lay flat on the floor so that these take up the entire length of this room. These hold lincoln logs, our 3 leap pads w/ over 40 cartridges, 2 lite brites, coloring books, board books, and much more. These cubbies are my sanity for our school room. Griffin measured them for me and they are over 6 feet tall and 28 inches deep. I can hide lots of stuff in here. On the ones that are laying down, we keep a huge Longaberger basket that has books we are currently reading in it. Bella has a large Rubbermaid container with her wooden play food for her kitchen. This is a favorite when they play restaurant. The 2 cash registers are also on the blue cubbies.


This is where we keep the kids legos. This container is 11 inches tall and 20 inches long and is almost overflowing. If this is in it’s proper place you will also find this on top of the cubbies that are on their sides.


This is Bella’s desk. The drawer system on the right is her Workbox containers. We use this to help us keep track of our daily work. You can read my review on this system by clicking here.


Griffin’s Desk is pretty messy right now. I usually stack the stuff I need on top of his Workbox boxes. Even though both of the kids have desks, we don’t necessarily use them every day. They do their handwriting at their desks but that is about it. They use Griffin’s desk a lot when they play airport traffic controller.

101_4897 This picture shows a huge thorn in my husband’s side. (he he) This is where we keep our mountain of library books. Right now I have 102 checked out. Most of them are kept in these two wheeled carts but several are strewn about the house. We love books in our family. All kinds of them. We have field guides that the kids use almost every day to look up birds, flowers, trees and insects. They love taking their bird books to my mom and dads and identifying their birds for them.

The blue bag says “Homeschool Mom” and was a gift from my sister. This picture really doesn’t show how big it is. I love it and use it to carry things to work, homeschool book club and our homeschool group. You can get your own bag from Thirty-One Gifts which is a Christian company that sells all kinds of bags.

Wow, I am truly blessed to have such a plethora of homeschooling items and a great house to keep them in. Answering this question for this weeks blog cruise has opened my eyes to the gifts God has given me.

Yes, I’m unorganized but I feel like I have it all under control. At least for today!

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Have a blessed week everyone.


Jodi @ The Homeschool Desk said...

I enjoyed reading your post. We school all over too! :)

Ludke-ville said...

Have you homeschoolers heard of YOUR STORY HOUR with Uncle Dan and Aunt Carol? They have great stories recorded kind of like the old radio stories and lots of homeschool stuff to enhance the learning. Listened to Johnny Appleseed yesterday.

Loving learning at Home said...

Ludke- he he, That was a typo in my post. Your Story hour is what we love also!!!! Thanks.

Rebecca @ Find Beauty Daily said...

It looks like you have a ton of great learning resources. Brings back memories from my 17 years as a homeschooling mom! Keep up the good work. It is worth it!

heartmama said...

Enjoyed your post. Thanks for sharing. :)


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