Monday, April 19, 2010

Alphabet Beats – TOS review



COMPANY:  TV Teacher

PRODUCT:  Alphabet Beats  – Uppercase and Lowercase

PRICE:  $35.00 each or $64.99 for both


Alphabet Beats is an award winning handwriting program that helps take the paper out of handwriting.   I know this sounds kind of weird but if you have a highly distractable child, this might be just the thing you need for handwriting.   The DVD can be watched on the TV or a computer monitor. 

I received the “Writing Lowercase Letters” DVD from The TV Teacher to review as part of the TOS crew.   Both of my kids write some of their letters incorrectly.  My older child’s letters look pretty good but if you watch him, he doesn’t make them correctly.  My younger child just has problems writing a few of the letters.


I really liked that you can pick a particular letter if they are having problems with only that one.   Bella doesn’t make her letter “a” correctly so we started there.  Each letter has it’s own individual 5 minute segment that includes how to write the letter, vocabulary words , and a catchy little rhyme .  For letter “a” it is “Up and around, back up and down”.  I heard that a hundred times the day  we did this letter.  The rhyme really helped Bella learn the correct formation of the letter.   The vocabulary words on each DVD has separate words so there are no repeats. 

The recommended ages for the DVD’s are 2 1/2 to age 8.   Each letter segment demonstrates the writing motion while saying the chant.  The letter is then written on a chalkboard and  only then does the student use  lined paper.   

You can view all of The TV Teacher’s products by visiting their website at   You can also view a demo of the program by watching the demonstration of the letter “p”.    Ms. Marnie helps make learning the letters fun.  She makes it a very interactive, hands-on learning process.  Helping make it visual by wearing different clothes and having props beginning with the letter helps to reinforce learning. 

Although I don’t recommend using the television for teaching, this does seem like a good way to reinforce learning the letters of the alphabet.   I personally wouldn’t use this as a main writing curriculum but we will use it for reinforcement.    Bella is now making most of her letters much better.  She is also now starting them in the correct place instead of just making them look correct. 

Please read what the other crew members have to say about Alphabet Beats along with this review to see if this might be just what your family needs. 

Please note that I received a copy of the DVD, “Alphabet Beats” as part of the TOS crew in exchange for my honest opinion in this review.  No other compensation was provided.   Thank you to TOS and The TV Teacher for this opportunity. 

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