Monday, May 31, 2010

Lobster Network – TOS review


I love lobster.  Okay, not really but I love the idea of lobster.  I think it is so cool to watch people eat it.  I love that you eat it with butter.  Everything dipped in butter is better.   So, when I found out I was reviewing Lobster Network, I thought “Wow, now I’m getting food.  This is awesome.”   I mean, I do love Red Lobster.  Maybe they are in the Lobster Network

Well, then I looked up the website at  I was really surprised because it has nothing to do with lobster.  I was surprised but not disappointed.    So, what is Lobster Network?  It is a web application that allows you to organize all of your stuff.  You can use it for anything you want.  If you have a lot of something and you need help remembering just what it is you have, Lobster Network is the answer.  Too many Pokemon cards?  Lobster Network can help you organize them.  Tons of books?  Lobster Network can keep you from buying ones you already own.   Kids have more Webkinz than you can count?  No problem, Lobster Network can remind you of which ones they have. 

But the great thing is that not only can you keep track of your things, you can also share them with others.    Actually, you can share, sell, request and borrow with Lobster Network also.  This is a network where you can invite friends to share your stuff.  There are options that allow you to share with just your friends or you can open up your items to everyone on Lobster Network

This is perfect for our family because after homeschooling for 6 years we have a lot of books.  Just ask my husband.  I am always thinking I will use a certain book but I usually can’t find it.  With hundreds of books it is hard to keep them orgainzed and remember what I have.  Now, with Lobster Network, I can enter all of the books in the website.   I can also share things I am not going to need for awhile with other homeschooling families.  This is a great way to help other families save money.  It also will clean off some of our bookshelves. 

If I decide that I am not going to need the items anymore, I can also list the items to sell.  

The best thing about this company is that it is FREE.  Yep, free for me and free for you.  It is also run by a fellow homeschool family which I think is way cool.   I love helping other families who homeschool. 

So, if you are looking for ways to organize your home, Lobster Network might be your solution.  Head over to their website and start entering your stuff.  The more people who use it, the better this site will be.

You can see what the other crew members think about Lobster Network. 

This review was written for the TOS crew.  This is my honest opinion and I did not  promise a positive review.  No compensation was provided for this.  Thank you to TOS and Lobster Network for this opportunity. 

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