Friday, May 28, 2010

Safety-Tat – Mama Buzz review

100_5495 One of biggest fears when my children were little was that I would lose them when we were out in public.  I have been given the opportunity to review a product called SafetyTat that would have helped alleviate some of my fears if it had been available when my kids were little.   Michele Welsh is the inventor of this great product.  The idea came to her when her family went to an amusement park and she was afraid she would become separated from her children.  She decided to write her cell phone number on their arms with an ink pen.  She had to re-write it several times during the day and other people noticed what she was doing and liked the idea. 

SafetyTat is a temporary tattoo that you can personalize with your phone number.  These seem like a great idea for small children who are not able to talk yet.  They also would be ideal for children who have disabilities that do not allow them to communicate verbally with others.    They also are available as allergy alerts. 


SafetyTat gives you a better chance for return if your child is lost, even for just a minute.  It also helps your child not panic because they don’t have to remember your number in a stressful situation. 

I really like that you can pick different pictures and sayings to match your child’s personality.  I was allowed to pick a pack of the tattoos to review.  My son is 12 so I know he is too big for these.  My daughter is 7 and even though she knows our number, I know that if she was separated from my husband or I, she would panic.  So, we decided to use the tattoos with her.  She was kind of apprehensive because she said she is “too big” for this.  I explained to her that we would put it in an inconspicuous place and it really is more for my peace of mind than her safety. 


I love the fact that you can’t see the tattoo when you are just looking at her.   Even though the tattoos are cute (we picked one with roses and a heart), I really don’t want everyone reading my cell phone number when we are in public.   So, we put the tattoo under her left arm.  100_5493







They are very easy to put on.   You can read the complete instructions here. You wet them just like any temporary tattoo.  I did find that they worked better when I used warm water.  The paper backing comes off very easily.   We found that the tattoos last about 2 days with daily bathing.   The website says they are good for 1-5 days. I really would recommend these for any outing where you may be separated from your child.   

They are available in preprinted tattoos or you can get them with a pen so you can put a different number if you desire. 

You can see all of the available versions by visiting   30 SafetyTats are $19.95 which is a great deal for a parent’s peace of mind. 

Please note I was given the SafetyTat at no charge in exchange for my honest opinion in this review for Mama Buzz.  No other compensation was given.   Thank you to SafetyTat and Mama Buzz for this opportunity.   You can read more reviews on this product at

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w said...

what a great location for the tat! i didn't want other people to read our number, either, so i placed it high on my girls' arms under their sleeves.


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