Friday, September 10, 2010

America’s Math Teacher – TOS review

Product:  America’s math Teacher by Math Essentials


Price:  $195 for one years access

Last year during my first year as a member of the TOS crew, I had a plethora of math items to review.  Honestly, I kinda got tired of teaching math.  Thankfully, I am now ready to tackle this subject head on again with my children.   Griffin has finally mastered his multiplication tables and Bella is working on subtracting and telling time.  

I was given the opportunity to review a product from America’s Math teacher that is pretty exciting.  I was allowed 60 days access to this program as part of the TOS crew. This is an online math instruction course starting at grade 4 and going through Algebra.  It is advertised as a 24x7 online tutor. You can access it online anywhere, anytime.  Griffin used the Basic Math skills to learn how to correctly multiply double digits and then went on to learning how to add and subtract fractions.  The program uses a format where you have access to a teacher explaining each skill through an online video.  He uses a whiteboard where you can see each step of the problem.  This is great for those who learn best by seeing the problem worked out.  The website is very user friendly.  Although, we did have to log again after each video even during the same session.  I’m not sure if this is normal or not.  It really wasn’t a big deal because my computer saved the password.  It was just a matter of clicking login again each time.  Griffin enjoyed the way each new skill was shown step by step and he caught on to the new concepts quite easily. 

I did have one thing I would have liked to seen different.  When explaining multiplication of double digit numbers, I think it would have been beneficial for Mr. Fisher to have explained why we put the zero place holders for the second and third numbers being multiplied.  He just said, “put a zero as a place holder” without explaining why this is done.  Griffin had a hard time remembering this step and I think this is because it seemed to be assumed that this was already known.  When teaching a math concept, I feel like too much information is better than not enough.   

imageThe learning center is not the only part of America’s Math Teacher.  There also is an exercise center where you can  download printed exercises and review image problems that correspond with each course.  This helps reinforce the concepts being learned.   There are also pre-tests, quizzes and final exams available to take online for each course. 

Another great part of this online program is the resource image center.  Here your student is able to find glossaries and math skill games.  There image is a speed drill game that really seemed to help Griffin with his multiplication tables.  We think anything that keeps these fresh in his memory is great. 

You can get one year of access to the website for $195.  Although the cost is a little more than we can spend right now, I think this seems pretty fair for having a tutor in your home for an entire year.  This price is for homeschooling families.  Educational facilities can also have access for a very reasonable fee. 

You can also try out this cool math website for free

This seems like a great way to help parents teach math skills. 

If you would like to see what my fellow crew mates have to say about this program, please visit The Crew blog page

Please note that I received a 60 day subscription to America’s Math Teacher as part of the TOS crew in exchange for my honest opinion in this review.  No other compensation was given.  Thank you to TOS and America’s Math Teacher for this opportunity.

Our family gives America’s Math Teacher . . . . .

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Smiley guide:


1 Smiley -  Product not really for our family.  Probably wouldn’t buy.  This really should probably be a frown face but we hate to be negative.

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2 Smileys - Would maybe buy this product if on sale.   Not a great fit for our family.

image image image

3 Smileys -  We really liked this product and would  probably recommend this to friends and fellow homeschoolers.

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4 – Smileys – Definitely would buy this if the budget would allow.  We suggest you check this out to see if it is a fit for your family.

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5 Smileys – Would sell the family pets to get this one (just kidding).  A must have for our family and we think you should get it too.


Michelle said...

Hello! This is a great review! I reviewed this website, too, and I agree with you that more explanation is better than little.

Anyway, your blog is up for next week's blog walk.

Michelle from the TOS Crew.

Elinette said...

Great review. I like your smiley's ratings. Stopping by on our weekly blog walk.

All American x5 said...

Stopping by from the blog walk. We didn't get to review this one, sounds like a decent program.

Have a great day!


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