Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Math Tutor – TOS Review

Product: Pre-Algebra Tutor- Volume 1 Video

Texas Instruments T1-84 Calculator Tutor Video

Vendor: Math Tutor

Price: $26.99 each

I was pretty excited to learn I would be receiving two videos from Math Tutor. I had gotten two videos last year and we really liked them. You can read that review here.

The first one was Pre-Algebra Tutor – Volume 1. My son is doing 6th grade math so both of the videos we got are above my children’s levelsimage so this is going to just be an overview. You can read what other crew member who had more age appropriate students have to say by visiting the crew blog.

The Pre-Algebra video is over 5 hours long and is like having a personal math tutor in your home. Jason Gibson is the instructor in all of the Math Tutor videos and he does a great job at helping your child understand difficult math concepts.

There are two disks with 8 different topics covered.

1. Real Numbers

2. The Number Line

3. Greater than, less than and equal to

4. Absolute value and adding integers

5. Subtracting Integers

6. Multiplying integers

7. Dividing Integers

8. Powers and exponents

9. Order of Operation

I had a hard time with algebra when I was in school so I have been worried about how I will teach my own kids something I am not sure of. With Math Tutor, I feel confident that my kids will not be lacking in math. I wish this had been around when I was in school.

The second video I received threw me for a loop. It is titled Texas Instruments T1 83/T1-84 Calculator Video. When I first saw it I imagethought it was weird that they made a video for a specific calculator. But, after hearing what others had to say, I realized that this is the most popular brand of graphing calculator. If your student is going to do higher level math, they will need a graphing calculator. Personally, I never learned how to do things like this on a calculator. Again, I wish I had had this when I was in college. I am so excited that my kids will have an easier time with math.

This video is 8 hours of one on one instruction about how to use this calculator. Your student will work problem after problem in order to learn instead of just being told how to do it. There are 3 disks included with this video with 37 different topics covered. I am anxious for my son to get into math that he can use this with.

Both of these videos are available at for $26.99 each. All of their videos have a money back guarantee.

Please note that I received these two videos at no charge in exchange for my honest opinion in this review. No other compensation was provided. Thank you to TOS and MathTutor for this opportunity.

It is kind of hard to use the Smiley Guide for this because it is not appropriate for our family now, but we will definitely be using later.

Our family gives Math Tutor DVD’s . . . . .

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5 Smileys – Would sell the family pets to get this one (just kidding). A must have for our family and we think you should get it too.


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