Monday, December 6, 2010

In my children’s opinion . . ..


This weeks TOS blog cruise question have me interviewing my children asking the following questions.  They thought this was really cool and totally acted the part.  Bella even used a microphone. 


Now, just to let you know, Griffin wanted to make sure you know, he doesn’t like school.  LOL 

It really is interesting to see why the kids think about these things.  I know my answers and I haven’t really thought about homeschooling from their point of view.  I honestly have always just known it was what we would do and even though it is not my children’s choice, I do care about how they feel about it.  Questions are in Red, answers are in Green.

1.  Why does our family homeschool?

Griffin: “I think we homeschool because Mom and dad want us to learn about God and because my mom is overprotective.

Bella:  “Because kids at school are not nice to each other and you don’t want us to be like them.  Because Mommy don’t want to not be with us all day.  (Looks like we need to work on grammar)

2.  What is your favorite part about homeschooling?

Griffin: “Really long recesses. 

                 I get to do school on the couch.

                 I get to do school in my pj’s.

                 I get to learn about God every day.


Bella:  “I don’t have to get up early.

               I can do school in my pj’s.

               I like science and get to do as much as I want without stopping to do other stuff.

               We get to go to groups (she means co-op) and do things with our friends and meet new people. 

The next question kinda scared me.  Griffin used to say he wanted to be a professional poker player or a rock star.  Had me worried about what he was going say here.  Thankfully, they both said perfectly legitimate, not to crazy professions.  As I have always said, I don’t care what my kids grow up to be, as long as they love Jesus and are kind to others.  Homeschooling is one of the ways we hope to accomplish this daunting task.

3.  What do you want to me when you grow up?



Thanks for taking the time to read about our family.  We are loving homeschooling right now and are learning about our Savior’s birth this month.  We are reading Max Lucado’s book “One incredible moment” and the kids love it so far. 

Happy Homeschooling. 

You can see what other crew members children have to say about these questions by visiting Homeschool blogger.  If the link doesn’t work, try back again later.  There have been some problems but you won’t want to miss all of the great answers.


jennohara said...

These answers are too cute!

TerriG said...

Tell Griffin he's not the only boy I know who doesn't like school.


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