Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Kid’s Guide to Drawing the Presidents of the United States of America – Amazing Sale Price!

I have mentioned before that my children really enjoy art.  Personally, I love anything that combines more than one subject to save me time and energy.   A Kid’s Guide to Drawing the President’s of the United States of America does just that.  These are hardback books that tell the important details about each president,  After reading about the president, your child can then learn to draw items that pertain to his life.


This is a great way to draw your way through American History.  I never learned about all of the presidents in school.  Oh, of course I learned about the “important” ones like Lincoln, Washington and JFK.  I want my children to enjoy learning about the men who have led our country and I think this is a fun way to do so. 

There are 42 books that are library bound (this makes them sturdier for lots of opening and closing).   The drawings in the book are step by step and are really quite easy to follow.   These are to be used as supplements to whatever history curriculum you are using.  If you are unsure about what history to teach, check out all of the history curriculum available at Timberdoodle.  100_7538

I received Thomas Jefferson to review for Timberdoodle and both of the kids have looked at the book over and over in the last week.    These seem to be great for students who learn by doing.  The pictures are of key events, places, the president and his wife, and other pertinent information in the presidents life. 



Each book contains the following:

  • Information for student research and reports
  • Illustrated list of drawing terms
  • Timeline
  • Information about birthplace, state and a map of the state
  • Red Highlighting of each new step in a drawing
  • Photographs, paintings and more for each president’s life
  • A famous portrait of the president
  • Glossary
  • Index
  • Web Sites for further information.


Griffin, who really loves to draw, chose for his first attempt, the 100_7541harpsichord that can be seen at Monticello.   Honestly, he didn’t really take his time but it still turned out pretty good.

Each picture has 6 to 8 detailed instructions to show the student how to draw. 

These guides can be bought as a set of all 42 or you can get a few of them individually.  The set retails for $1060.50.  That is a lot of money, right?  Don’t get alarmed because it is now clearanced  for . . . . . .  $195.00.    That is a great deal for everything you get in these books.    The individual books retail for $25.25 but are clearanced  for only $9.95.  

You can head over to to check out all of their great homeschool items.  I love their new complete curriculum packages that take the guesswork out of planning your child’s school year. 

Also make sure you Like Timberdoodle on Facebook to learn about new things coming out. 

We really enjoyed this book and look forward to learning more about our third president, Thomas Jefferson.


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Please note that I received this book as part of Timberdoodle Blogger Review Team in exchange for my honest opinion in this review.  No other compensation was provided.  Thanks Timberdoodle for this opportunity.

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