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Pearson Education Reading Street – TOS review

Product:  Reading Street Books 2.1 and 2.2

Company:  Pearson Education

Cost:  $44.00 each (approximately)


Reading Street is a set of 2 hardback reading books that remind me of what I used in public school.  I was given the opportunity to review these for TOS.  We are always looking for great reading material and my 2nd grader thoroughly enjoyed most of the stories she read.    The books are by Scott Foresman.

These books are exceptionally well made.  The pictures are beautiful and very vibrant.  Book 2.1 is 480 pages and Book 2.2 is about 460 pages long.  There are three units in each book that cover different topics. 

Book 2.1100_7526 (Shown at right)

  • Exploration: What we can learn from exploring new places and things
  • Working Together- How can we work together?
  • Creative Ideas: What does it mean to be creative?

We used these books with my 2nd grader and they seemed to be either at or a little below her reading level.   She read all of the book one in about a week.  When it was reading time, she excitedly picked this book over our library books we had.   She says her favorite story in this was Henry and Mudge and the Starry Night.  After reading this she wanted to go to the library and check out more books about this little boy and his dog Mudge.  

Each story starts out with Words to Read.  These are words that may be new to your reader.  It also tells the genre of the book and an explanation of what the genre means.    Most of the books seem to be short chapter books that really catch your students attention.    After reading the story, there are a couple of reading comprehension questions to make sure the story was understood.  My favorite part was that then the author is introduced.  There is a little bit of information about each author and illustrator along with more books listed that your child might enjoy.  

We also loved the poems and other extra things (like online ideas) that are between the stories.           

Reading Street also has a section after each story titled “Write Now”.  This gives the student a chance to write like the author and learn a grammar rule or tidbit (that’s my word for it, not theirs). 

Bella’s least favorite story in book 2.1 was A walk in the Desert.  She said it was boring and weird.    I think she just doesn’t like nonfiction as well as fiction. 

100_7525 Book 2.2 also has 3 units: (Shown at right)

  • Our changing world: How do things change? How do they stay the same?
  • Responsibility: What does it mean to be responsible?
  • Traditions: How are traditions and celebrations important in our lives?

This looks like it is set up the same as book 2.1 but we haven’t had a chance to read this one yet.  

We are planting our garden now and I’m going to have Bella read the story in this book called Life Cycle of a Pumpkin. 


I love the bright pictures and this will help incorporate science in with our reading. 

The books can be purchased through Pearson on their website $86.97 for both.  

While I was researching these books I happened upon a wonderful website that has taken the time to add tremendously to these books.   It is full of teacher resources to make these books more than just a reading curriculum.  There are games, workbook pages, vocabulary sheets, writing prompts, links to the books being read aloud and power point projects for you to use.   If you are going to purchase Reading Street, I would definitely recommend checking out this website.  You will be amazed at all of the teacher created resources that go along with these books. 

There are books for each grade level from Pre-K through grade 6. 

These seem to be a great way to have readers for your student without having “all” of  the readers.  I don’t know about you but I’m always looking for ways to fit more books on my shelf.  They are condensed into just two hardback books that will last for years.  There is a great variety of stories and I think there is something that every child will enjoy. 

For the price, I think it is a little high but with the website I mentioned, it is well worth it.   I do like the fact that you can use it with more than one child and is non-consumable.

Our family gives Reading Street

image imageimageimage

Smiley guide:


1 Smiley - Product not really for our family. Probably wouldn’t buy. This really should probably be a frown face but we hate to be negative.

image image

2 Smileys - Would maybe buy this product if on sale. Not a great fit for our family.

image image image

3 Smileys - We really liked this product and would probably recommend this to friends and fellow homeschoolers.

image image image image

4 – Smileys – Definitely would buy this if the budget would allow. We suggest you check this out to see if it is a fit for your family.

image image image image image

5 Smileys – Would sell the family pets to get this one (just kidding). A must have for our family and we think you should get it too.

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Please note:  I received this product for free in exchange for my honest opinion in this review.  No other compensation was provided.  Thank you to Pearson Education and TOS for this opportunity.

Happy Homeschooling!

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