Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Mingle Blog Hop 7/11/11

The Blog Hop
This is a blog hop that resets every Monday--but you can add your link any time. Here are the rules: Please follow me if you are going to participate. Thanks so much!!!

  • You must follow Measuring Flower, Graphoniac, and One Moment In Time to participate (they are the first three links below).
  • Add a link to the MAIN PAGE of your FAMILY-FRIENDLY blog to the linky list below. It must be a blog, not a company website, but it doesn't have to be about parenting. Just something I wouldn't mind sharing with my family.
  • Do NOT link to a specific post, a blog hop, or a linky list.
  • Visit and follow at least three blogs listed before yours, if you can. Don't forget, you can come back to this page later in the week, you'll probably find some new names! If you already follow a blog through Google Friend Connect, you might consider also following them another way, ie Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • Be sure to leave a comment on each of the blogs you follow so the authors know you followed them! Oh, and mention that you found them through Monday Mingle. It's always nice to know where your new readers came from!
  • Follow back everyone who follows you, if possible.



melismama said...

HI, I am confused as to where I link my blog? I dont see a "linky" thingy...I am an "old" follower of yours and now a new follower of the 1st three blogs listed as requested. I also put your button on my side bar permanently.

Loving learning at Home said...

Melismama, you will need to click on one of the first blogs (one of the three you followed) and link up there. This is just a post telling about it. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks for reading and following!

melismama said...

Thank you...I did figure it out just after I left you the

Loving learning at Home said...

Melismama, I fixed it now so the Mr. Linky is at the bottom. Hope no one else gets confused. LOL


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