Sunday, September 4, 2011

God is good

I’m sitting in my kitchen listening to my kids fight.  What is up with all the fighting.  Is it September?  Is it that my kids are bad?  Really, I don’t think so.  I’m not sure if they are getting sick or what.  We have all had cold symptoms for the last two days. 

I also thought we had pink eye but my sister reassures me it is ragweed allergies.  She said this is the worse time for it.  I’ve never known what all I was allergic to but my eyes water all the time when I go outside.  This morning, I pretty much looked like a red eye monster.  

Even with all of the fighting and illnesses, I realize every day that God is so good.  He has blessed me with a family that I am so thankful for.  My kids are loving, most of the time; happy, most of the time, a blessing ALL of the time.   My family is so rich.  I don’t mean in money (although compared to the rest of the world, we are that too).  I mean we have more than enough to supply our every need.   Food, shelter, clothes, love, friends, family. 

We are truly a blessed family.  Tomorrow is Labor Day and we will rest along with most of the rest of the country.  I am looking forward to a slow day and then on to a great school week.  We are learning about Ancient Egypt.  I ordered a kit from Hears and Hands that I can’t wait to arrive.  It has hands on activities for the kids to do.  I also ordered Life of Fred for math.  I’m really excited about that.  I sure hope the kids love it like I think they will.

Happy Homeschooling.


Angela Wimbish said...

We completed the H & H ancient Egypt kit last year ... it is sooooooo awesome! My daughter and her friend used it to do a presentation at Kindergarten co-op. You will totally love it! I still have King Fruitenkhamen in his sarcophagus in our school room .... and he has never even been the least bit smelly! Also, we started Life of Fred "apples" for her 1st grade math last week. I decided to alternate between it and Saxon. Let's just say that wasn't the smartest thing I've done .... now ALL she wants to do is work on "Fred"...she LOVES it!! Blessings to you!

melismama said...

Blessings to your school year!

Free Math Worksheets said...

Good to see your interest in ancient Egypt kit.i hope its useful for ur kids

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