Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thankful for GCC–November 15

For today’s Gratitude Challenge, I am thankful for our church, Georgetown Church of Christ.

Check out the music from last week.  The Reset band is so talented.  Be sure to listen to Cannons.  It’s the third song and is awesome. 

November 13 Reset Worship from Adam Jones on Vimeo

David and I feel like God definitely has called us to be at this church.  Griffin has grown in Christ so much in the last year since we started attending GCC.

We have met new friends and we honestly love the people who go to this church.

If you had asked me at this time last year, I would have never thought we would love GCC so much.  I had went to another church for over 30 years and David had never went to another church than the one we left.   After many sleepless nights and lots of praying, David and I decided we needed to find a new place to worship God.  We have learned so much in the last year.

It’s not about the church. 

It’s not about the people.

It’s not about the preacher.


We attend Reset and love it.  Reset is changing to SOMA in January and if you live anywhere around us, you will want to be there.   God is moving in great ways and we can’t wait to see how we can bless others for him.  We are committed to God and love seeing our children become closer to him.

God Bless.

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Anonymous said...

This is so true!! I find that many times instead of leading people to Jesus, preachers often get in the way and turn people away with lies, deception, manipulation, etc. Many times they are the ones that want served, not God. Thank you so much for sharing. Are there people other than kids that attend? What are the ages?? Just curious...Lori than you so much for sharing!!! :)

Debbie said...

A great church especially one you feel God has called you too is a great blessing.

Loving learning at Home said...

Yes, its not just kids. In January it definitely will not be just kids. Changing to a whole new experience gearedvtowards service and family.


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