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Keyboard Town Pals

Company:  Keyboard Town Pals

Product:  Keyboard Town Pals Online typing game

Price:  $39.95

Contact Information:  1-866-200-8881 or



Would you like for your child to learn how to type?  Then perhaps Keyboard Town Pals Learn to Type In 1 Hour is what your family is looking for.

This is a typing program that is available online or on CD for $39.95.  The website states that this program will teach your child to type in only one hour.  

The company’s mission is to teach young children (targeted towards ages 6-12 or older children with learning disabilities) to type on a Qwerty (Don’t you love that word?) keyboard in the fastest, easiest and least stressful way.   All that in only one hour.  Wow.

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There are puppets who sing and songs and tell stories which allows this to be a relaxed learning environment.  One with no mistakes.  Now, that is something I like.  The system has deactivated the backspace and delete buttons on the keyboard because mistakes are never counted.    This is done in six 8 minute lessons or one hand at a time in two 30 minute lessons.   The puppets remind me a lot of the ones on a show that my children used to love.  I think these would keep a child very interested in learning how to type.

You can purchase Keyboard Town Pals "Learn to Type In 1 Hour" web based or on CD for $39.95. It is available in English, Spanish, and French.   There is a sale going on right now on the website for a CD rom bundle that includes the Learn to Type in 1 hour CD rom,  Concentration Card Game,  Coloring Book and  Keyboard Town PALS Stickers for only $45.

The website is very easy to navigate and has some really neat things on it.  One thing I really like is that actual students have sent in samples of their typing skills in poetry and stories that they share.  You can view those here. 

They also have a program for even younger kids called Little Hands Can Type. If you are interested in learning more visit the Keyboard Town Pals website!  There are some really great testimonials to view.

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