Friday, November 18, 2011

Gratitude Challenge–November 18

Our Englander Pellet Stove is what I’m thankful for today.


It is 41 degrees outside and last night it got down in the 30’s.   Last year we used our little fireplace to try to heat with so we could save money.  Boy, were we cold.  It was warm enough in the family room where the fireplace is but the rest of the house was frigid.

So, this year we knew we needed to do something different.  We looked at fireplace inserts but couldn’t find one reasonable enough.  We found a pellet stove for sale for less than $300.  It costs around $1500-$2000 new.    David painted it and it looks like brand new.   He even did a great job cutting a hole in the wall and putting the pipes in.  He was pretty worried about that but I said, “Hey, it’s just a wall, right?”  LOL

I LOVE it.    I also love the hardwood thingy David made to put it on.  It has an “official” fireproof pad directly under it but he made this for everything to sit on.  It is so pretty.

David LOVES it.

The kids LOVE it.

Jewel, our dog, LOVES it.  You will find her sleeping beside it most of the time. 

We are once again warm in our house.   Every evening we have to turn it off for several hours because it is way too hot.  It heats our entire house which is two stories.   I’m hoping that when it gets even colder it will continue to heat both floors. 

We turn it off at night around midnight and then I start it again when David leaves around 5:15.  It is nice and warm by the time I get up (I’m not gonna tell you what time that is, Winking smile)

The upstairs stays warm enough during those few hours without it on.

Please check out what others are grateful for at Garden of Learning.

A really cool saying I read somewhere lately said

“What if tomorrow, you only had what you had thanked God for today?” 

Isn’t that good?  Every night I thank God for as many individual things and people I can thank of.  No generic prayers.  It has helped me to really focus on the blessings I have.  It also keeps me from falling asleep during the middle.  



Very Blessed Mamma said...

That fireplace is really cool.

That saying just gave me the chills.

You are so right. We need to be very thankful.

Oh, and yeah, I bet you get up when I do! lol Yeah, not tellin' either.

Debbie said...

Your fireplace is truly a blessing. Some of these things are easily taken for granted. Thank you for visiting my blog.

Sara @ Embracing Destiny said...

My husband REALLY wants a wood pellet stove and he has me convinced, too. Our house is very small and all one floor, so it should work well. The only problem is affording one! That is awesome that you got one at such a great price! Craigslist? We've been watching the ads in our area. Compared to our current oil heating costs, this would be a huge savings. I'm glad to hear that it heats your whole house!

That quote is a great prompt to remember when praying and thanking God!


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