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Super Fun Math Game

 Fractazmic is a fun way to learn fractions.   
Do your kids hate math?  I have to admit.  I do.  My kids are both really good at it but I'm totally not sure where they got it from .

PhotobucketFractazmic is brought to you by the company I See Cards.    They also are the company that brings you Pyramath.    When I opened the deck, I honestly thought my kids would hate it.  It looked like flash cards.   I was quickly pleasantly surprised.  This game can  be played by 2-4 players. 
And if you have read many of my reviews, you can already guess that we lost the directions.  This was a card that was included with the deck.  I have no idea where it went.   Luckily, we could look online and find out how to play. 

  We played the Fractazmic Trap version.  After I watched this video it was pretty easy to figure out how to play.  The object of the game is to make a set that equals 1.  Sounds easy, right?  Well, you have to be able to convert fractions to do this.  

Griffin is learning fractions right now and I was impressed that he could do this.  He actually explained it to me and I got it.   Bella, who is 8, could only do part of the time.  

Let me explain why. 

There are three color families in the game.  Each one is a different set.
Blue is based on a denominator of 12.   So there is a picture of an egg carton on the cards.  If the fraction is 1/2 there are 6 eggs, 1/4 has 3 eggs and so on.   This made it pretty easy.  It didn't take long for it to "click" for Bella.  She knew that all she had to do was count the eggs on the cards and when they equaled 12 it was a whole number and the round was over.  She also could convert the fractions without looking at the picture pretty quickly. 
So great job, Fractazmic.  You taught my daughter to convert these fractions pretty quickly. 

Now Green is based on a denominator of 10.  This one was also fairly easy.  There is a picture of a water bottle with the measurements marked off.  You can count the ml's and when they all add up to 10, you know you have equaled 1.    She got this one pretty quickly too. 

Now, Red was a little more confusing.  The reason is the pictures.  It shows a ruler with a cute little bug.  When we were playing, I thought the picture was the same on each card.  I now realize the bugs are 4 cm each and there are different amounts of bugs for each fraction.  Duh!  I get it now.  This will make it much easier the next time we play it for Bella (and me, lol). 

I have some really great pictures but of course my computer isn't cooperating so I will add those later.  

This game sells for $6.95 which is very reasonable.   You can order it here.  

I highly recommend this game to add to your math curriculum and learning fun. 

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