Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year, New me

So, have you ever said that?  It's a new year.  I'm gonna change. 

I have.  Honestly, I do every year.  This year, I've decided to just be the best me I can be. 

So much has changed lately.  I don't like change too well. 

Well, I like this kind of change. 

Just not life changes.  

One of the review teams I belong to has had a lot of change lately.  It's so hard to be true to your friends, your commitments and to yourself and Jesus.  I know God never promises me easy.  He just promises to be there. 
I hate it that my friends are hurting.  I have been praying for several of them for awhile now due to family problems and such.  The devil just seems to be working overtime on families.  My own included. 

If you get a second, please pray for all of the marriages that are struggling.  God designed marriage to last forever.  The devil hates that and will use anything (or anyone) to keep that from happening.    I keep seeing all of my friends hurting and I say to myself " There but for the grace of God go I".   I am blessed. 
Beyond measure.   But I know all to well that any second it can change. 
So, this year I promise to be true to God. 
First and foremost,
I will. . . ..          

Don't you just love this picture?  It was painted by an 8 year old girl who had a near death experience.   It's mentioned in the book Heaven is for Real.  I highly recommend you read it if you haven't.  

I was going to say the things I will be true to but really, I don't need to.  This says it all.  Be Like Jesus. 
I am going to Be Like Jesus.  
In all I do.  In all I say.  In my marriage.  In my friendships.  As a mother.   In my commitments.    

Happy New Year!   May God bless you as he has me. 

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