Monday, January 2, 2012

Curriculum for sale

I have once again cleaned off the school shelves.  I have a few things I am getting rid of.  All items are in good -great condition unless noted.  I will ship media mail for all of these books to save you money.  Prices do not include shipping.  I add only actual shipping costs.  Please let me know by emailing me at griffinbellasmom at yahoo dot com if you would like something.   If you see something you would like and the price is too high, just let me know.  I really want to get rid of this stuff so I can get some new things we need.

Before Five in a Row - paperback- used for review purposes - excellent condition - retails for $24.95.  Asking $10

Konos Volume III - Paperback.  Pages in the front are loose (binding has come loose).  All pages are here I am pretty sure.  This is well used but still has plenty of life left.  Retails for $99.  Asking $15  (this is heavy)  This could potentially cover 2 years of school with everything you need except math.

Geography - a literature approach from Beautiful Feet - Retails $8.95  Asking $3  - this has writing in it and underlining.  Still very usable.

Revolutionary War Timeline Characters and Activities Book - Konos  - Excellent condition - Asking $8 for both

Story of the USA - Books 1-4 - Like new with no writing - We used these orally.  Retails for $9 each.  Asking $15 for all 4.

Life of Fred - Butterflies and Apples- My daughter used these and she turned pages down all the time.  Doesn't affect the book but just thought I should tell you.  No writing.  We LOVE these.  These are $16 each on the website.  Asking $10 each.  If you buy both, I"ll pay half of the shipping.

Sonlight - Grade 4 teachers manual Lang arts and Science - this is 1999 version and is in a binder.  Asking $10.

Sonlight - Grade 3-5 reader schedule and study guide - and Reading with chapter books.  These include the students sheets that can be copied - Asking $10

Thanks so much.  God Bless.


Wendy62 said...

Interested in the Life of Fred books!!

Heather said...

Hi Lori:) I would like the LOF - butterflies is the one right after apples, yes? We did apples this Fall. If you have someone willing to buy both, let them, though:)And, also the geography--is that one appropriate for 1st grader? . do you do paypal?

Kelly said...

I am also interested in both the LOF books, so if your first orders go through, let me know! Thanks!!

Loving learning at Home said...

Heather and Kelly, Wendy is getting both of the LOF books. Thanks thought. Heather. The geography is beautiful feet ad uses the books paddle to the sea, minn of the mississippi, tree in the trail and seabird. I know my 1st grade couldn't have read those. My thinking is it is for older students, say, middle school. It includes a lot of research and things.


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