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We choose Virtues - TOS review

Company:  We choose Virtues

Product: Virtue Clue Cards
Price:  $7.95 (On sale now for $5.99)


  Miriam-Webster describes the word virtue as a commendable quality or trait.
Doesn't everyone want to have great virtues?  In ourselves but also in our children.  I want people to look at them and say, "Wow, those kids have been taught great virtues."

I know that.  I'm sure you want that too.  But, honestly, before I got the Virtue Clue Cards from We Choose Virtues, I wasn't real sure what a virtue was.  I know know it's kind of a fancy work for character. Our family received the Virtue Clue Cards to review and we have had a lot of fun learning the cute phrases on each of the cards.

We Choose Virtues says that instilling virtues in kids is hard work.  But it can be fun too.  In fact there is no better way to learn.  So they bring memorable catchphrases, endearing characters, and just plain fun to simply inspire character that lasts.  It's the best choice you can make for the kids in your life.

The cards we received are reminders of what to say in certain situations.  They come in a handy pack so we can review them anywhere.  As you can see they have cute little characters on them and are designed for children age 3-11.  

Here is what the company has to say about their program.

We Choose Virtues is a not unit study that you use once and then move on from. It is actually a character development tool that you use  every day, every year. You introduce the Virtues, then demonstrate them, memorize the catchphrases, then learn the antonyms, then capture teachable moments when they are being used…or aren’t. You will be amazed how fast you will all learn to obey (not just learn what obedience is, but actually learn to obey!)…and 11 other Virtues too! There are 13 Parenting Cards, one card is the Butterfly and Caterpillar Card. It teaches that everyone was born able to change.

I love that.  Isn't it great that we can all change?  Even parents need to work on their character.

There are 12 Virtues in the Early Childhood through Elementary set.  They are…I am Diligent, I am Kind, I am Helpful, I am Obedient, I am Forgiving, I am Perseverant, I am Gentle, I am Patient, I am Self-Controlled, I am Content, I am Honest, and I am Attentive.

Our family has been working on several of these.  My favorite is I am  Obedient. 

We have hung this one on the refrigerator because it is very difficult for my kids.  The phrase for this one is "Ok, whatever you say, I will obey, right away.  I am NOT ... argumentative, slow or unwilling, and I don't refuse to do what I'm told.
My kids are pretty much the opposite of this.  I told them I was going to keep saying this until they "got it".  They are pretty sick of me saying it because I repeat it constantly.   Why is it so hard for them to obey me?

Guess it started in The Garden.


We also received a PDF copy of their coloring book along with the teacher's handbook and a few other resources that are free on their website.   This is a great way to reinforce the virtues.    Bella loves to color so she really enjoyed this.  The coloring book is available for only $3.00 as a PDF.  You can reprint as many times as you like.

You can check out the full sets that you can get for your family here.  The kits include posters, stickers and other things to help instill good virtues in your children.

Right now there is a clearance sale going on.  You won't want to miss it.
You can see what the other crew members have to say about this product here.  

We (okay, I) really enjoyed this product.  I think it is a great way to help your children learn what is expected of them in a fun, cute way.

Please note that I received this product in exchange for my opinion in this review.  No other compensation was provided.   Thank you to We choose Virtues and TOS for this opportunity.

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